Thursday, October 25, 2012


Caught the final show before it was going to be removed from theatres.

I have always liked Anurag basu from Gangster. There is fullness and cohesiveness in his films, that is sometimes very distubingly absent even in super hit ones. Ofcourse, I ddint watch Kites( mostly i never will - same goes for K3G, KANK, ). But this movie, he has elevated himself beyond whatever he has done before. He is the one who stood out the most as I walked out of the theatre.

Even in Ranbir's and Priyanka's near perfect performance, I could somehow only see Anurag Basu. Illeane pulls it off.

Regarding all the lifted scenes, you could remove some of those and movie would have still worked. So it is quite strange that he had to take the route and people are cornering movie based on this.   But this story, the way the characters play well within the frame of disabilities seems pretty original. and that should count, right?

Strangely, Illeana's arc is the one that stood out most for me - I am guessing it was because she was the most vocal in the movie - strange, I agree.

Usually, I would check time quite a few times during a movie and I didnt even once. The first 10 minutes is what streamed a stretch. Also. this 1972, 1978 was confusing quite a bit.

And Music, it has been playing for more than a month in my car. For non Rahman album that is quite rare.  I hate to admit it, I know Pritam is synonymous with plagarism but they are still worthy of a listen, you know?

Katrina Kaif apparently couldnt do the movie due to date issues. I think that single  factor helped the movie the most ::)

Monday, October 15, 2012