Thursday, April 30, 2009

Worky Woes

They are being mean @work. making me work quite hard. If you ask me people shouldnt even ask me to work. People should just pay the money and shut up. Since this is the real world and all, I made to put in all these extra hours. Others are working hard as well. People with a decade of experience more than me, so my effort isnt going to have an impact. Not putting in the effort has a negative impact. Not a great place to be.

I know, I know, I should be thankful that I have a Job with economy in the shape it is.* Yet this is a frustrating situation to be. On the other hand, bad economy or not, job security has always been a myth to me. I can count the number of days when there wasn't some sort of restructuring, layoff or atleast the rumor of layoff going around in my work life.

Good thing is I have my mojo back. I dont know what caused it but I am suddenly focussed. It will be another post if I start writing about my wandering focus. It just disappears sometimes, takes a vacation. As I said, it is another post. Now that it has come back, it has brought in set of worries along with it. Where is the career going? what should I do now? Somebody shut the mojo up.

Couple of years ago, I decided not to participate in rat race and figure what I really want out of the life. Till then, I operated on a default mode. may be time to explore different options. I thought I will figure out the one thing that I was born for. Turns out there wasnt anything.

Rat race seems to be the only option. Just do what others rats do. Abracabradra.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Source: via Google Image search.

"Amma, how come you and Daddy have sharp noses and I dont. I want I want"
"Dont worry beta, the same doctor who gave my nose would give you one too"

No, I am not making fun of Sridevi here. Of all the people who have gone through rhinoplasty, Sridevi was one of the few who cut a better 'after' picture Though the irony of the situation is hard to miss. You go through an expensive surgery to get a perfect nose only to see your old nose staring right back at you from your daughter's face.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Femina Miss India

Any beauty Pageant the organizer would tell you is about Beauty and Talent. And any homosapein above the age of 8 would tell you it is never about Talent. A look at Femina Miss India winners for the past few years tells me it is not even beauty. Then what the hell are the judging the contestant based on?

This year's contestant dont even qualify for TV leave alone hindi films.

Life's mysteries continue...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shilpa shetty ki suniye

"As for my acting, nowadays I really don't have to grind myself for acting. After all, experience bhi toh koi cheez hoti hai!. "
- in her interview with rediff

-Simply what kind of substance would the bollywood starlet be on to get the delusional? She has never ever "acted" in her career. Two for the past 6/7 years she has hardly acted in any movies.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am thinking..

A comment space is like party space, isnt it? not mine ofcourse, considering several of my posts have gone commentless and suman sometimes saved me from the hattrick. The host's post brings out the best of the party attenders. so the comments are as good as the post. The witty posts get witty comments, the serious heart moving ones get equal thought provoking ones and so on. Some hosts dont attend to their party attenders. quite a few indulge them. some posts leave the commentators in jaw dropping awe that the jaw is no longer available for conversation. The commentator wonders if they can leave a comment without coming across stupid. some brave it. I read comments as much as I read the post. I think every one does that. We are so into the reading flow that we cant stop ourselves from clicking the comment link.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yet.. Yet.. a lifetime of love in four months. His tall, lanky almost gawky body not withstanding, the loose checkered shirt that hungover his body almost like a shirt on a hanger not withstanding, they had cuddled. They fought a silent battle - words were used. Finger nails dug deep inside without making a whimper of a mark. They had fought, he over her insecurities, she over her his lack of care. It was a match gone wrong from the letter A - he said. She stood there - the love saga that she never knew the beginning of, never knew the ending of, that would continue through her life. There would'nt be any pain, any jubliation there and he wouldn't be there either. Yet she knew it would exist a lifetime.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Go by foot, leave my food alone

May be I am a foodie which is why probably it irritated me so much. But the often seen board in the cafeteria is how our food choices can save energy. I am thinking by eating food raw probably. just hunt down the chickens and eat them, only energy wasted is your energy.

Who comes up with these ideas?Roads are filled with car on 3 lanes and the carpool lane is literally untouched. But my eating tasty food is what is leaving carbon foot print. my foot.

How do these so-called researchers drift so far away from real-life to come up with ideas which are not pragmatic? Somewhere along the line these guys fall so into their research that they forget that it has to have an actual effect towards solving the problem. But their satisfication probably ends with boards, meeting and pamphlets.

This world lacks Pragmatism and perspective.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

coz i needed to laugh...

I was almost ready to post a tag here. The tag is about googling the blogger's name followed by needs. eg. Sachita needs. But I had typed my real name so decided against posting it.

A politican and an actress have the same name as me(three names fit the description right away) so you would think there would be more hits but found only three. One was that I need help by some God man and that was the only decent one. The other two were about thrashing and seeing a psychiatrist. lol:)

By now you should know one of the primary purpose of tag is to write about themselves, the other being to let our nosy noses to get more information about others. So out with it now:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

sorry, can't throw my Manlo-blahniks

After three shoe throwing incidents by Journalists* across the world, I suspect this might become a mandatory course offered in Journalism. A Practical course. A semester of practice would ensure the shoe gets thrown only at the Politician and not the fellow Journalists.

But what would an aspiring Journalist who also loves her Manlo-blahniks and Jimmy choos do is the question now!

*(first - by an iraqi journalist on George, , the pioneer who not only satisfied his anger but billion of others and today, by journalist Jurnail singh to Chidambram for the clean chit given to a congress man who was a key suspect in 1984 Sikh riots)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Prior disclosure required

Dear Friends, family and strangers,
Please do inform me before hand if you own a gun, I will restrain myself from coming anywhere near a shooting distance.

Thanking you,
Yours Lovingly/Unlovingly/..(please choose the non-shooting option),