Friday, June 24, 2011

Secret behind Kanimozhi's arrest

Let me state this first just to make it clear. I am very happy Kanimozhi is in Jail. I am happy for once atleast couple of people associated with a scam are tried in the court of law.

But we all know of way too many cases where CBI will forget fill up an application or  takes 16 days to translate a document to english in high profile cases and also some one had to go use the bath room instead of being in the court -ok the last bit hasnt happened YET.

So, how is it that in this particular case, this particular set of people get arrested in spite of being in power.

1. Are Kanimozhi and Raja the only ones who benefitted out of this deal, there seem to be  others as well. So how did the others escape.
2. But then power equation in current scenario favors Karunanidhi, Kanimozhi's Father. Karunanidhi's party's support is crucial for central government's existence.
3. Inspite of this,  DMK's behavior ever since this case came out is the opposite of some with edge in power equation. DMK said it was going to discontinue the alliance with congress because they asked for n number of seats and a day later DMK came back on its own, saying the issues have been resolved and gave congress the same n number of seats!

To me, if we can find what is causing the government to act as it is supposed to in this particular case(you could say supreme court but supreme court was involved in all the other cases as well) we might even try to mimic in other cases.

Tidbit: Subramanian swamy was the man responsible for the voice about this scam first, I recently read some where Nira Radia confessing that a particular business house was backing Subramanian swamy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loony bin of a country

When you routinely celebrate Justin Biebers and Britney spears, something is seriously wrong with your collective brains!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thank you call phone in Gchat - for helping me find my cell phone that was right next to me just hidden behind the cushions!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Book review

Couple of weeks ago, I re-read Unaccustomed earth by Jhumpa Lahiri. In particular Hema and Kaushik which is a favorite of mine. I cant imagine meeting anyone who wasnt disappointed with the ending. The direction  it took was totally unnecessary. Knowing what to expect, the second time around wasnt disappointing.

But I was surprised at how plain Jhumpa's writing was. Inspite of having read all 3 of her books, I have no memory of her writing style and only associate her work with depth. But the depth comes from how intensely she portrays people's emotions. So within first few pages, I was back into her world completely engrossed. 

What initially attracted me to the story was the whole teenage crush turning into an adult love much later in life that too in a much different form. When I went online in search of reviews, the only one I could find discussed about the usual immigrant blues which can be applied for any of her books. 

Which brings me to the question, how come there are as many movie review sites but not so many book review sites? By review, I mean when you take movie reviews, you can find all kinds - the intellectual, pseud, run of the mill, totally random - every kind.

But for a book, there are hardly two reviews that I can dig out - one of them turns out to be some course notes. The other one discussing it in some vague literary terms. No sites discuss the ones I want to discuss, the way I would discuss it with my friends. The way the ones without literature/history degrees would discuss.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Expecting - so not a maid

There arent lot of times that being single bothers me much unless I am in the mood of  analyzing my goals of life report card. But then during some mundane actibities I cant help thinking "Tum hota to kaisa hota... aisa hota" (hey i a no hindi pandit). like when after cooking when i am washing the dishes  or one of those days when I come back home and wish for a warm cooked meal. 

When I hear of laundry turns between Partners, my heart rejoices with the new found possibility. 

Before you jump in and ask me how different is this from a male who expects a maid in the form of wife  let me stop you right there and  say the times when the said person isnt helping me, I fully expect him go out and make big bucks in the valley. See, I am interested in his career too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What exactly does deactivating my account mean, if I can login and use it anytime I want?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Music directors and their cultural services

There is a bit of comfort as I walk into the cafeteria, bit of nostalgia from the music playing whatever the Mexicans in the cafeteria fancy. 

That music should be alien to me.

Except,  except it reminds of Surya/Vijay dancing to Deva's tunes, reminding of the school days. Apparently, inspite of obvious plagarism, these people have also introduced to music across the boundaries, across the oceans even, who knew?

Ps: they play buffalo soldiers that was something back then, they also play some mexican songs which have also been stolen!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

one question I am having,

This is how Karunanidhi's third wife looks - seriously?

PS: unlike her equivalent in iruvar, I havent seen an iota of literary interest in her.