Monday, May 24, 2010

"If you dont like the genre, wait for 3 minutes." - Cant recall the exact review(was for the 'Kites') I read this line from, but perfect definition for our Masala films isnt it?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stay at home husband

If you are a guy, would you want to be a stay at home husband*?
If you are a girl, will you be comfortable being the bread(/dosa/idli/thair sadam) winner with a stay at home husband?

* Now, what this SAHH  entitles is pretty much the same as SAHW - if your partner earns a lot then you get help in all departments if they dont then you have to cook, clean and all that.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Singers of a different tongue

It is only when I listen to 'Behene do', do I realize what we miss when the north indian singers sing our songs - the pronounciation can come from hard work,( in case of tamil singers singing for hindi comes also from exposure - hindi stares at our faces, doesnt it) but the soul?

Soul is such a cliche word used way too many times that it has lost its meaning. So, let me try to explain further. The general feeling is easy to catch - angst, jealousy, sadness, happy but the nuances? With the most familiar tongue, you learnt the word because you experienced  it and were actually looking for a way to describe it , when the word comes, it must be easy to tap the experience part. There isnt a need to tap, it pours out on its own.
Gawd... was just watching Airtel super singer junior. Caught Suchitra watever her name singing - singing so bad that it took the contestants performance down, , juniors i may add - it was so bad so bad (screeches at high pitch - tries to hide under style) that i want to log onto twitter blogger, gchat and facebook simultaneously and scream out how horrible it was. infact wanted to add her specially on facebook just tell her how bad her singing was. for now restricting it to blogger.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Questions

How are all the terrorist attack in India successful while the ones abroad like British( remember the bangalore based Indian muslim attack in the runway in england)/ Amercian soil unsuccessful post 9/11( the recent timesquare one)? 

Are the terrorist org. located in Pakistan(see, I am being nice and not calling them just Pakistanis) sending their best to India? or is it that since in US/ British they have rely on relatively educated ones like the engineer / financial analyst  like the recent time square case or doctors like the UK case which means they are pretty useless for any job that doesnt require just sitting in a chair and staring a computer screen?

Before, that is prior to 9/11 the terror attacks seem to have a purpose like the Kandahar hijack incident which wanted the release of some of its men or was a cause counter attack for some riots how ever unjustifiable they were. Even that is missing. Bomb blasts for bomb blasts sake - what is it diwali now? Well, even the counter attacks by the US government seems that pointless- war for war sake but that is little bit of a stretch.

Is there a purpose? what is Jihad is a big question i am not going to get into and cant get into either.
I mean is this Jihad only complete when they pretty much kill the 6 billion of us - there are 1.57 billion Muslims but I am sure for these maniacs they will be kafirs for not following dress code or not sneezing acc. to the some lunatic order!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Rahul Gandhi is not particularly intelligent'" - screams rediff headlines. Havent read the interview but you know I could hardly let this one go by, right?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Rahman test

I have had this question for a while now, if I remove the label of A R Rahman and listen to his music, will I still feel the same?