Sunday, December 30, 2012

Speaking about lyrics

Tamil song lyrics are usually about lovers writing off their blood, their heart, lungs, males demanding uterus  so they can carry their lover - very biology oriented but more importantly it is always about the intensity or passion.

Which is why "Malai neram" stood out. (Yeah, yeah I know the movie came out couple of years ago, but I noticed this song and its lyrics  only now. ) This comes in relationship zone, about feelings one isnt writing their lfe off to. There is slightly breezy attitude and it is beautiful. In some ways more realistic. And written by - hold your breath - Selvaraghavan - you cant blame me for never suspecting this out of him.

I loved these two lines in particular.
 "Oru kaalaiyil nee illai
Thedavum manam varavillai"

"En thedalkal nee illai... 
Un kanavugal naan illai "
My favorite in tamil usually is Diamond pearl.  Thamarai too.

Some one please tell me why Thamarai didnt write for nee thane en ponnvasantham. I mean isnt that one assured good thing about Gautham menon's movie? Instead we have an insipid lyrics writer. This guy, Na muthukumar once came on a TV show and asked G V Prakash if he would rather do music for a good movie for a fee of 1 rs or a bad movie with a fee of 1 crore. Clearly he is cut out only for 1st grade moral stories and only that.

Diamond pearl's son writes lyrics these days. It is disappointing - though he redeemed himself with Kadal - In Adiye - his imagination roars. 
"Meena Thooki Rekka Varanja
Vaanam Maelae Nee Veesi Erinja
Paraka Pazhakariyae "
I cant remember his previous outing to be good.

But I find the use of strong appropriate tamil words  - words with a beauty of their own - a very crucial component of lyrics  - something I learnt to appreciate only from Vairamuthu's lyrics missing.

May be Vairamuthu was just one off case and we wont find someone like him again?


Saturday, December 29, 2012

The words RIP has never had any meaning in my mind, so I wont be able to use that. I do believe in God and the girl should have lived. Lived the life she wanted - if she wanted marriage and kids, that what she should have got or whatever she wanted out of life. She wanted to live, she should have.


1. Govt flew her to singapore and she got the best of the facility, couple of rape cases in the country  - one of the 13 yr old girl who died in Tuticorin and another case in bihar are treated with prompt attention - these wouldnt have happened without the continuous protests in delhi. Thanks to all of them.

2. Name of the Girl hasnt come out till date. In a Country which routinely kills the like of Satyendra dubey( by releasimg his name from the very offices of the Prime Minister when he had specifically requested in the letter not to), this is a big big big step. But a basic one. Fundamental right.

3. Even with whole country protesting, if even one of the accused had been even remotely connected to congress party( like a politicans bil's cobrother's son), no arrest would have been made.  These guys were nobody so were arrested immediately.

4. Journalist like barkha dutt would go around writing how people are protesting only because it is affecting the middle class so would the JNU graduates. Because middle class to them is a disgusting word. Not to me.

To me, this appears to have been a breaking point. There is only so much we can take.

On a side note, Ranbir kapoor should shut up on any non film related issue. I didnt know these dump grandkids of yester year hindi actors lived in utopia that can only exist for them. Next time ask him to accompany you to police station, enjoy the utopia.

5. Delhi is the worst when it comes to woman. As a woman who has gone through a lot at ages when she had no idea of what it is to be a woman, I would say of all the horror stories i hear from my friends from different corners of India, delhi is hands down the worst.

6. "Activists from women’s groups say it is important to speak of rape not as the ruination of a life, but as a horrific act that one can survive and move on from. “There is this tendency to equate rape with the end of the girl’s life, which sends a very counterproductive message,”

I will repeat this again and again, a crime was committed against a woman, she can survive and move on with life. I hardly see this, people in india still consider it as an end. It is an end to the perpetrator of the crime.

7. I dont think India needs stricter punishment against rape. The problem here is with the courts and policemen who dont do their job properly. Current laws do prescribe punishment for rape. 

But,  One of the opt repeated statement is men cant help it. There are loads of men who are perfectly able to control their urges. Women too.

 It is for those Men who cant help, should be helped with castration. This is employed as a solution for perpetual sex offenders in USA. That is the only change in law that would be required.

This isnt a momentary emotional response but rather an analytical one.

9. There are some who point out the repressed attitude towards sex in India as a reason but I dont think these men would get any in any culture. It would involve charming a woman or atleast attracting her for a one night stand - psychos like these wont be able to pull that off.

10. Mob culture would lead to anarchy, lawlessness, innocent victims being affected and unnecessary property damage. We have already witnessed the effects through shiva sena's, PMK, DMK and other political parties antics.

Inspite of the above points, I feel good about India's protests through the anna hazare movement last year and the protests that happened after this incident.

Politicians - the congressmen reactions have been alarming. They dont understand why the hell are we protesting, we arent politicians. P Chidambram to Sheila dixit to even Barkha dutt( she is one among them?) they all look at it as if it is some silly act.

But to me, this is the result of years of inaction, apathy. Congress still doesnt realise the shift in people's mood. It is too busy hiding its billions.

 Here is to more such protests and an actual system change in the future.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

To every man who is typing the gal shouldnt have stepped out at late hour of 9.30.

1. You are no different than the perpetrators of the crime, considering that was exactly the question by those satans too - what are you doing with a guy at this time? You guys must be soul brothers.

2. Sine you dont buy the logic that we lock up the animal and criminals, not the victims, Men can get raped too. So I suggest you dont step out of your house.

3. I really pity your mother, sister and daughter,  I cant imagine any girl in her right mind would have married you.

4. If any of you continue to read hawkeye and his cronies - I judge you.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

If you cant handle your little john, may be you should consider life without them

I just came back from a vacation and caught up with the news. After all these years, you think news will not have an impact on me but #Delhi you managed that. i have tears rolling down for the girl. She will survive, she will and lead a  life achieving every thing she wants out of life.

The perpetrators will face the iron rod many many more times. These sort of people should never have been born and they dont have a right to breathe. We dont have oxygen to spare.

The daughters of the nation will walk at all times of the day and night, wearing whatever they fancy will not take abuse lying down and give right back. 

Those of the human male species that cant take that - refer to the tile.