Friday, March 27, 2009

Frieda pinta and namma Ash

I am done with all the discussion related to this piece. Why is Frieda's success a sour mark on ash?

Let us take this, Aishwarya rai goes through the whole Miss world ritual makes her debut in a Maniratnam movie. Then she gives few flops, she clicks in some. Meanwhile has personal pangas with all the khans over some reason or the other. does hordes of endorsements. Stars in some off beat movies. Her acting is still dicey she does superbly in some,overacts in some and pretty much annoys in quite a lot. She is one of the best dancers even though is no match in terms of grace to yesteryear actors, she is best today. She is managed to pull off inspite of the personal fights with all three khans. She also revived her career by marrying the bachchan. She tried making headway into hollywood didnot fail did not suceed.

Let us take Frieda pinto. This girl looks 18 at 24! She lucks it into starring in 5 scenes, none of which really requires a lot of expression. She has a perfect fashion sense. The other skillset she can even win against Anil Kapoor in grab the mike a day. At the end of the day, she still has starred in exactly 4 scenes. 90% of her camera time is from the film awards where she did not win a individual award(yeah right, she won the best supproting actress in bafta but she prolly was the only one nominated anyway because as a friend pointed out the british hardly make any movie!). Everytime she talks about India she talks as if they were the most disgusting places to walk around which is where the majority of irritation stems for this author.

Now somehow media proclaimed Frieda as a winner in a race where neither her nor ash were involved.

RC constant tends to infinity on this one..

You are groggy, you reached office late. You rush down to grab a cup of chai and are about to take the elevator back. The elevator is located right next to the main entrance.You suddenly hear a voice,"Hi, N".

You turn back and find this friend of yours who you know very well. He works in another company(which he made a lot of money out of and that place stands for the word cool). He tells you he came to your workplace for some meeting. He and his group get into the elevator.

All along, you dont utter a word. As the elevator door closes,you overhear your friend's colleague asking him,"You know her?". You skip the elevator and take the stairs even though you were standing in front of the elevator.

None of it for any reason!!!!!

That you is me. i suspect that friend had wished he hadn't known me at all.

S, I wanted to email you this, but I wasn't honestly avoiding you, I just dont know why I did what I did.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am back

for now. Things got busy at work(it still is) and that along with my other "ob" activities, blogging absolutely couldn't happen.

Anyway, for now I am back.