Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holy dog

You know how the 'Holy cow' is a mockery of how Indians consider cows sacred, similarly 'Holy Dog' is the expression for Americans

Leaving aside, the number of people who consider dogs more important member of their family than their own kids and some even as a substitute for a husband(true story), the fact is you can have slaugther hosues(or whatever is the decent term) for cows but not for dogs.

Holy Dog, Indeed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A bomb-blast free 2012, if you will god?

In India, for the past decade or so the only people affected by bomb blast has been common population - not a single Politician ( we only have way too many of them) has been affected. Ironically, Politicians are  protected with Z security. Infact, to take the joke further the Common Person , the one at real risk, is made to stand an hour in the traffic in the name of security for 'ABC' Politician with Z security.

Here is to Z level security and a bomb-blast free 2012 for common person in India.