Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tweeting birds of Gopalapuram

Accused as in Politicians(source: Thesauruz)

I wish my thatha was a Politician then I can tweet away and even shoot (movies only) away

I wish I got married to a family where thatha and mamanaar were Politicians who didnt start with much, just based on a Political career - 13 of which they were out of power  so I could tweet and also run Glossy magazines.

Again I wish I got married to a family where thatha and Mamanaar were Politicians so I can tweet away and also become CEO (of what? )

I wish my dad was a Politician's son who has mass appeal enough to sweep election in Madurai but then as Thatha cribbed the election commision was horrible and monitored money flow but I can still tweet away and shoot away. 

I went to a convent, I hate politics but got a boyfriend who got me free tickets to IPL and then got married - to a family that has done several years of service -  not exactly my words, but  it does sound like some one with a picture like mine would say, right?

Since none of the above is true, Sachu Kichu blogs.

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  1. Went to the last of your links and got a heart attack at the scant disdain to punctuation marks and spellings ! "i"?? Someone get the paramedics please.
    Serves me right for internet hopping instead of working.