Monday, December 5, 2011

I hate both these sets of people
1. The ones who dismiss everything about their Indian background - from the way the food is cooked to the religion to the sports and films
2. Then the ones who dismiss everything that is non-Indian - from pasta that is not Indianized upma to TV programs (seriously? you dont say that to me)  to dress.

They repel me equally.


  1. Well instead of changing their stand if they stick to their point of view I kind of am ok with it.

  2. Balance is the key I guess.
    I am tired of this , 1 is better, 2 is better stuff. Whatever rocks your boat, as long as it doesnt bother me.

  3. Viswajith: you obv. had to listen to either group's for an evening!
    It is the evangelist attitude where they think you would think the same that bothers me- I think I also judge these people either they cant take change at all or get on the first plane as if they never saw civilization back home.

  4. +1!!!!

    why can people not be more realistic in seeing the flaws _and_ the good in our culture/country?

    - s.b.