Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sureshot way to all tamil men's heart

is apparently collection of Goundamani comedies. 

Tamil's most popular hero Vijay's usage of Anna is a reference to Goundamani's style. Vijay is a huge fan of Goundamani. 

So are the three cricketers from Tamilnadu who spent a good part of their Koffee with Anu episode on Goundamani. 

And most of my friends.

Goundamani is getting to be a what those fancy writers of fancy magazines call that unifying factor of tamilnadu.

On the other hand, I doubt it would work with tamil woman though. I know atleast a few members of that species who might end up puking their food out at the mere mention of that name. Reason: it might bring back from the deep recesses of their mind the slew of disgusting words that were used by the Goundamani on Senthil(his side-kick in most movies) - not for human ears those words.

But to Men, he is something else.

The time when Raffle gods threw a glance in my direction.

I won.  Brushing aside the fact that I won only 25$ restaurant gift card and agreed to take the boss and a colleague to the restaurant on the card. Obviously, the xbox, ipods, netbook and blahs went to people who normally win raffles.

But I won. 

Strange strange thing happened, I just clicked the next blog link. I have done it in past I think few times with sufficient interval - you know the record there - it always threw me Jesus praising mommy blogs. Nothing wrong with them except they arent my interest. Suddenly after my previous post - next blog reference brings up tamilian/Indian blogs.

I also tried hand at baseball - ran up to third base once and second base another time. Except both the times I ran with the bat and had to drop the bat mid-way!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog world Persona

How different is some one is blog world personality from the real world one? Is it what they want to project or the one that they really are or it is what they think they are?

How tough would the first one be to do it on a regular basis in a space as personal as blog.
If it is what they think they are - based on some blogs - how delusional.

The middle ones are ok, I think.

Monday, May 23, 2011

There is a whole lot of talk about how liberalization isnt helping the farmers or the poor or the downtrodden and rich getting richer and poor getting poorer sorts.

The same people feel bad when Karunanidhi's daughter is jailed for being part of a scam where loss to exchequer is estimated to be 176000000..(cant really count the zeros!). Some one suggests if only karunanidhi had looted the money from state instead of centre he wouldnt have to see this day. To see his own daughter in Jail is punishment enough, so some one else is asking them to release her. (I think ruling these people should be a piece of cake).

Arent these the sort of scandals that is exactly causing the poor to get poorer?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Against Google and all things online

1. I want to know what is it about my blog or profile that takes me to christian mommy blogs when I click on the next blog link on top. Are these the predominant blogger group or is something about my google profile making the algorithm pick these blogs? If it is the later, it is one of my strongest peeves against google.

After hogging all my private info without providing me with choice (unless i dont want to use google/gmail - i,e turn amish), I would think the least they can do is make sure their software is actually useful - their ads if useful to me  would be useful to them too -the chance of me clicking on the ad would increase, increasing their revenue blah blah and blah.

For the amount of info they steal from me, I deserve better.

2. Meanwhile, finally there seems to some law in Europe where some one is realizing that  the user should have a say in these hazaar cookies that collects the (utterly useless) browsing info.  With companies like google whose service I use, there is some justification in their collecting my information but when I hear of cookies from random websites collecting my  browsing information that peeves me more.

3. How do you inadvertently collect data? like when you are enhancing google map you steal data from people's private but unsecured wireless connections - how does one accomplish something like that without even trying?
You dont come to my house for censor data and collect my bank passbook that too unitentionally, no? Evilest company.

4. Also, how can any company ensure that these sort of data doesnt fall into the hands of some random crazy individual - securities walls are bound to be hacked. That is the scariest stuff.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is what we feel like now.

I feel more like reading/lurking than writing. Writing seems like a vulgur thing to do. Too showy. Vijay awards is playing on TV  - the biographical song of the unfortunate woman from the recent vaibhav movie(blasphemy to call it vaibhav movie but that is the only name that comes to my mind and i am too tired to google). I wonder how realistic that song is than the Kushboo song "Oru rooba tharen.."(something about . This whole village theme isnt what 80s was all about, 30 years later - the waves have hit the shore again.

Days of oil dripping faces would also come to end. then, good for us.

Monday, May 16, 2011