Friday, May 13, 2011

Round robin system between Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi

The funnest aspect of Tamil nadu elections has been use of Vadivelu jokes on Vadivelu. My FB feed page is filled with vadivelu dialogues  " entha oru vishayathayum plan panama pana ipude dan.plan pani pannuno ...okay...:)", "enna vachi comedy pannitangale" . People seem to be more curious about his fate than anyone else.

Even otherwise, elections are fun - they provide with ample news and the results business is so similar to a sports match result. Fun, fun all the way. I propose having an election every 2.5 yrs just for this.

Except there is no point to them because the results just alternate.

If either of them are really shrewd, JJ and KK could sign an agreement to alternatively loot TN every five years. Unfortunately,they are too greedy to cut an agreement like that. Also, Thatha is old and he has two large families to support. Naturally he feels he deserves more.

But Tamil people seem to be fair judge and provide equal opportunity to both. Though going by the online responses people are really hoping for a corruption-free government -what? - but like how?  Not sure what they mean by that anyway.

My dad though said Jayalalitha's 2001 regime wasnt as corrupt except she took some strong anti-popular decisions. Hopefully that is true.


  1. I follow elections more for the entertainment factor and less with the hope of things changing

  2. Comedy Piece!



  3. Three large families not 2, under the last count, more perhaps if you want to scrutinize !
    I like to believe your dad is right. J is a more straight forward and brutally direct person than K, and at least is not pretentious enough about her personal beliefs like K is.
    Arvind left a comment in my post that I found funny - sharing it with you: "aatha replaces thaathaa"

  4. Viswajith:
    ummm.... this isnt an issue where we can accept status quo.

    Praveen: vadivelu himself is a comedy piece now, no?
    Also, let the blog be there no, you can later on update it when you find time.

    Lakshmi:I keep forgetting the first one. But J's 1991-96 was quite horrible as well.

    Lol @ arvind's comment.