Monday, May 23, 2011

There is a whole lot of talk about how liberalization isnt helping the farmers or the poor or the downtrodden and rich getting richer and poor getting poorer sorts.

The same people feel bad when Karunanidhi's daughter is jailed for being part of a scam where loss to exchequer is estimated to be 176000000..(cant really count the zeros!). Some one suggests if only karunanidhi had looted the money from state instead of centre he wouldnt have to see this day. To see his own daughter in Jail is punishment enough, so some one else is asking them to release her. (I think ruling these people should be a piece of cake).

Arent these the sort of scandals that is exactly causing the poor to get poorer?


  1. Well, her lawyer had the audacity to argue that she should be shown leniency because she is a woman. The system sucks. The lawyer was a RS MP via the BJP.

    At least the old man was voted out of power. It would have been a bigger shame if he got votes... To be fair, both parties had something "free" to give in TN. Hope that by 2014, somehow the noose is tightened around the first family's neck as-well. But that is going to be hard, as the whole machinery is working over-time to protect Madam-G...

  2. Some one said, karunanidhi should take care of the kid now that he has all the time!