Monday, April 25, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

uff.. one more post!

I know.. i am flooding my blog page - But this - Life sentence for John david of Navarasu murder fame - the one incident which made life easy for us as Juniors and tough as Seniors needs to be recorded.

This news item, to me is  the perfect example of short term memory symptom of both Public and Media. During the initial phase after the discovery of Navarasu's gruesome murder, that was all every one was talking about. Imagine then my shock when few years later I read a small news item that he has been released.

 That was really scary. Who was wrong then? All the magazines that carried page after page about this allegedly scary psycho or the guy? In which case, how horrible would it be if an innocent was actually being harassed.

And scary as well, because the news item was a small one by then. Now to finally get a closure. Atleast justice didnt die in this case. Good then.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You know Conquest of the Karthik is complete

I am talking about the NCG Karthik.
I am talking about the validation guy. He is also Karthik. 
when you see  the above conversation between a chinese guy and a causcasian.
(oh near where else near the water cooler).

Monday, April 18, 2011

Scenes from movies

Movie: Oram Poo
Scene: Arya heads to ticket counter while Pooja waits outside the theater. A guy tries to slip his hand on Pooja's hip taking advantage of the crowd. She turns around, hits him where he should be hit and where it hurts. 
A moment later Arya comes back she walks with him without saying anything. Arya looks around wondering what others are staring at. Thank you Gayathri-Pushkar.

Movie: Indira
Scene: Anu Haasan walks out of the courthouse, few men surround her. Camera shows a slight lifting of saree, next scene she is in the hospital. Apart from this effective portrayal, an excellent dialogue follows.

Arvindswamy her fiance who visits her in the hospital says as she shies away a wee bit  it is an accident(albeit a pre-planned one),  it shouldnt mean a thing to you.

One scene that serves as a relief among the thousands of irresponsible scenes from tamil cinema on the this subject.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I dont understand this constant targetting of Tamil brahmins. It isnt like they are only ones disgusting. I think human race as a whole is disgusting*.

* (except ofcourse my family, friends and readers of the blog:))

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why smart men date less intelligent women

 I know! Did I just link to timesofindia? Especially an article on relationships  which are mostly just cut and paste jobs out of some western magazine. Even otherwise, who quotes times of India. period.

But the one covered by this link is something I think about too. Same way,  I think about other vetti topics  About smart men and their preference for less intelligent women.

1. Ofcourse, there is a lot that goes into a marriage than Intelligence quotient.(On the other hand, sometimes no consideration goes into marriage as well.)  Also, let me further my  politically correct act even though I give two hoots really and call the less intelligent woman, as differently talented.

2. One line from the article that did strike a chord with me - for a very highly career driven person, it would help if  " "someone who prioritizes their life in a way that's compatible with how you prioritize yours.""  - This makes sense to me.
It would be a total nightmare when both of you want to spend 24 hours wedded to your laptop and stay all the extra hours at office. 

3. But there is still the problem of coming back home to find a partner who doesnt get the ABC's of your world.. in any which way .. to discuss news in the in-depth way you want or office politics, exciting news in your field.

4. Which brings me to the fourth point.  I do think quite a few Men(not all Men, as with everything else  in life, this isnt a  black and white configuration) get intimidated by intelligent Woman. Woman who can constantly question your random analysis, can win discussions, tell you something you dont know  - all these arent easy to deal with for quite a few men.

Contrast this to the woman in scenario #3 whose own pride might come from the guy's success. Since her interest is not in  news discussions, she is just going to marvel at all your mutterings.

Ego boast with #3 as opposed to constant arguments,  questioning the intelligent bubble that surround you?  

Age old traditions chip in and I find quite a few Indian men comfortable with former than the latter scenario.

5. I have, in my social circle found men who did look for a more intelligent partner. Also to note failed because those intelligent women were pining for more intelligent men themselves! This is a increasing number of men.( my social sphere is a very very small part of india).

A driven Woman should also find it easier if her husband takes it easy, no?

This reminds me of some other conversation I had. Men go by beauty, I said to a guy who was hosting me in grad school. He replied, and Woman go by success and  talent, how is it any better?

A successful woman would want atleast an equally successful person. I am not saying both cant be successful. Merely observing the trends  as and how it is happening around.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things you need to do for a win

I dozed off a bit during the dinner/whatever the break is called. I woke up and Sehwag gets out. I doze off a bit again and woke up. Sachin gets out. Doze off when I wake up and watch the match, now Kohli gets out.

Obv. the connection was too hard to miss. And I ended up forcing myself to sleep. When I wake up I find India doing decently and now Gambhir gets out.

Force myself to sleep again.

Finally decide to catch the last  few overs and it was too hard to miss. Another person had to keep watching because whenever they stepped out india lost a wicket!

Loved Sangakara Speech. I have seen his another speech earlier, that was good too. Clear, concise. Their team is good too.

Regarding Mallinga, I suggest we just make him defect to India.

PS: the list of powerful people watching the match at the stadium -  Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal from politics/ Aamir, Rajini from the movie industry/ Mukesh Ambani from Business  - who's who literally. And Arjun from Sachin's family.

PS1: Love Dhoni, seriously, I do.