Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You know Conquest of the Karthik is complete

I am talking about the NCG Karthik.
I am talking about the validation guy. He is also Karthik. 
when you see  the above conversation between a chinese guy and a causcasian.
(oh near where else near the water cooler).


  1. but then ammas and maamis etc. still spot an NRI and ask, "ongulku bay area la Karthik theriyuma?!"

  2. Ha.. true.. worse when i left india, some one we know asked me to get in touch with her bil in NY and he will help me get around. My gradschool was 6 hrs of flight from NY!

  3. wasnt that some one you knew just trying to provide an acquaintance or trying to help you? :P

  4. 6 hrs flight podichu i am sure no family is going to fly down to help me!