Monday, April 18, 2011

Scenes from movies

Movie: Oram Poo
Scene: Arya heads to ticket counter while Pooja waits outside the theater. A guy tries to slip his hand on Pooja's hip taking advantage of the crowd. She turns around, hits him where he should be hit and where it hurts. 
A moment later Arya comes back she walks with him without saying anything. Arya looks around wondering what others are staring at. Thank you Gayathri-Pushkar.

Movie: Indira
Scene: Anu Haasan walks out of the courthouse, few men surround her. Camera shows a slight lifting of saree, next scene she is in the hospital. Apart from this effective portrayal, an excellent dialogue follows.

Arvindswamy her fiance who visits her in the hospital says as she shies away a wee bit  it is an accident(albeit a pre-planned one),  it shouldnt mean a thing to you.

One scene that serves as a relief among the thousands of irresponsible scenes from tamil cinema on the this subject.


  1. I also love that scene in orampo.

  2. super scene ella, too pity we have very few.