Wednesday, April 20, 2011

uff.. one more post!

I know.. i am flooding my blog page - But this - Life sentence for John david of Navarasu murder fame - the one incident which made life easy for us as Juniors and tough as Seniors needs to be recorded.

This news item, to me is  the perfect example of short term memory symptom of both Public and Media. During the initial phase after the discovery of Navarasu's gruesome murder, that was all every one was talking about. Imagine then my shock when few years later I read a small news item that he has been released.

 That was really scary. Who was wrong then? All the magazines that carried page after page about this allegedly scary psycho or the guy? In which case, how horrible would it be if an innocent was actually being harassed.

And scary as well, because the news item was a small one by then. Now to finally get a closure. Atleast justice didnt die in this case. Good then.


  1. I still think he got off too mildly for his gruesome act. Actually - there aren't words enough to describe what he did. What a sick brain?!

  2. Apparently, in our country, mildly would be letting him off the hook completely, when i read the previous judgement few years ago i felt so uneasy that some one like him is literally out there god knows what he can do.