Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things you need to do for a win

I dozed off a bit during the dinner/whatever the break is called. I woke up and Sehwag gets out. I doze off a bit again and woke up. Sachin gets out. Doze off when I wake up and watch the match, now Kohli gets out.

Obv. the connection was too hard to miss. And I ended up forcing myself to sleep. When I wake up I find India doing decently and now Gambhir gets out.

Force myself to sleep again.

Finally decide to catch the last  few overs and it was too hard to miss. Another person had to keep watching because whenever they stepped out india lost a wicket!

Loved Sangakara Speech. I have seen his another speech earlier, that was good too. Clear, concise. Their team is good too.

Regarding Mallinga, I suggest we just make him defect to India.

PS: the list of powerful people watching the match at the stadium -  Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal from politics/ Aamir, Rajini from the movie industry/ Mukesh Ambani from Business  - who's who literally. And Arjun from Sachin's family.

PS1: Love Dhoni, seriously, I do.


  1. Hahhaha! The things we have to do to win!
    How come all girls are falling for Dhoni?!

  2. Hey, I have always been a dhoni fan.
    I think i am a team captain fan, first sourav and then dhoni so it goes.

    In a wierd way, i also like the way dhoni looks!