Monday, January 30, 2012

As we are all seated in the meeting room, I receive few stares. I did come few minutes late but the stares still dont make sense as the team isnt usually bothered about these things. 

Then a colleague asks, "how come you arent feeling cold?".

Ah.. that was it.  I do have exceptional tolerance towards cold - not exactly sub zero but still higher than the rest.  So your winter clothing is my fall and your summer clothing is my fall and so on. 

So, I tell him that, that  I dont feel cold easily, I can tolerate it. 

"We all should feel embarassed", he says.


"because all of us men are covered in multilayered clothing".


Ps: It sounded very funny when i heard it, a man must feel less cold!
Ps1:  I don't know my colleague really well(but he has really not appeared sexist before this) so please dont pounce on him now.
Ps2: When I described this to a friend of mine she asked, " doesnt this happen in bollywood songs all the time, women skimply clad in alaska while men are completely covered."

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dear STUPID APPLE - Cant I transfer a song from my computer to my iphone through bluetooth?
I need a your stupid usb wire for that? why? to remind me of 15th century?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As some one who heads to TOI in her break and not the hindu, I certify that the following ad is true. 
Hrithik Roshan's pet name is  Duggu - I knew that. 

Read Hindu kids - Filter Kaapis arent good without sugar nor are they good without 'The Hindu.'

PS: Lest you all come pouncing on, I do know Ratan Tata is a bachelor ( what is his deal? ), Mukesh Ambani has a daughter and 2 sons.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sachu Kichu's share price law

Stock Prices will decrease as you dilly-dally your decision to sell or not to sell just so that you can repent that you didnt sell it at a sweet price.

Stock prices would also increase the moment you sell your stocks, again just so that you can repent.

Only life time goal of stock market is you can repent.

Ps: Warren Buffett is just a Mascot purely there to entice you to stock market.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

There must be a law in Indian constitution against the chapati eating idli craving non -south Indians (a.k.a people not belonging to the four states or the seven sister states)

1. from showing some random person addressing a random woman as  ' amma'  in that strangest accent which I have never heard except from  north indians trying to mimic south indian

(is that your accent - that too put on? not to judge people's accents but that is the one you try to show off?) 

2. from dropping idli and sambhar in each piece of conversation  while portraying south indians. 

no we dont say Idli sambhar i am going to the library, idli sambhar i am going to restroom idli sambhar i am crossing the road.

3. from mixing tamil and telugu as if it is one language - fine you might know the difference - but they are two different words  - how can you not see that?  How do you refer to tamil in first para and use telugu in reference to the same movie in para#2?

What I want to say to Naarth Indians -
 I shall curse that you get no idlis and no sambhars ( that you seem to drink by litres!) for rest of your life. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sachu Kichu introduces a new diet

Only home cooked food.

Yes, thats exactly the diet. I will only eat home cooked food.

What? Sachu Kichu doesnt cook. Yes, thats right she doesnt cook.

But I will let you know she has no problems barging into people's home and eat their home cooked food.

cu then :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One should unleash Maniratnam(or his dialogue writer) on the teenagers of the America.

PS: Imagine the amount of "Iwaslikethenhewaslikethenshewaslike"*infinity that could be prevented. World could be a much better place!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy new year

Let 2012 be the year when all good things happen to you!( and more importantly to me:))