Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sachu Kichu introduces a new diet

Only home cooked food.

Yes, thats exactly the diet. I will only eat home cooked food.

What? Sachu Kichu doesnt cook. Yes, thats right she doesnt cook.

But I will let you know she has no problems barging into people's home and eat their home cooked food.

cu then :)


  1. Hahahhaa!!!! Good plan! :--)

  2. y this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di.

  3. Sometimes that's not a very good idea, especially when the host is a mageirocophobic like me.

  4. good idea..who is this wonderful host?

  5. SK: :)
    VKN: kolaveri ku ethukum oru sambandam ella :)
    LG: have a feeling u r really exaggerating the mageirocophobia .. may be u expect the taste to be like one of those experts
    Na_an: the hosts arent aware of my plan yet:)