Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One should unleash Maniratnam(or his dialogue writer) on the teenagers of the America.

PS: Imagine the amount of "Iwaslikethenhewaslikethenshewaslike"*infinity that could be prevented. World could be a much better place!


  1. mookai suthi valachi pidipadhu ivanga kittaendu kathukanam

  2. Very interesting that I read this post now. Just ten minutes back, I was grading papers (technical writing course) of undergrads, and one of them had written short, disjoint sentences that made no sense. I emailed to him that his paper was like watching a Maniratnam movie !

  3. Viswajith:
    In btw those 'likes' i dont think they are saying anything at all

    LG: What? you teach a writing course?
    I shall hide behind the missing grammar of my blog :)

  4. Blogs are not meant for Wren&Martin.