Monday, January 30, 2012

As we are all seated in the meeting room, I receive few stares. I did come few minutes late but the stares still dont make sense as the team isnt usually bothered about these things. 

Then a colleague asks, "how come you arent feeling cold?".

Ah.. that was it.  I do have exceptional tolerance towards cold - not exactly sub zero but still higher than the rest.  So your winter clothing is my fall and your summer clothing is my fall and so on. 

So, I tell him that, that  I dont feel cold easily, I can tolerate it. 

"We all should feel embarassed", he says.


"because all of us men are covered in multilayered clothing".


Ps: It sounded very funny when i heard it, a man must feel less cold!
Ps1:  I don't know my colleague really well(but he has really not appeared sexist before this) so please dont pounce on him now.
Ps2: When I described this to a friend of mine she asked, " doesnt this happen in bollywood songs all the time, women skimply clad in alaska while men are completely covered."


  1. Actually I think I read somewhere that men have more cold tolerance than women. Must be all the body hair.
    But jokes aside, I think you are an exception. Every woman I know has low cold tolerance, and this comes from a woman who lived a few years in upstate New York. Heck I feel cold today, in Chennai ! Can you beat that?

  2. V.k.n: :)

    LG: oh my close friend has a hot(!) body just like mine :)

  3. viswajith.k.n:

    why even the bollywood comment? look around you in real life too. how many men do you see wearing sleeveless shirts?


    i don't think you would classify it as a sexist comment. maybe a stereotypical comment, but definitely not sexist. as a rule of thumb, men need a/c more often than women do (there are always going to be exceptions, such as you!), even when the women are as completely dressed as men are.

    - s.b.