Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Please dont make me a feminist

Just caught a promo for an episode of neeya naana on Vijay TV with title "Manaiviyin samayal bore adikarathu? Yen?".( is your wife's cooking too boring? why?)

Women were all seated on one side and men seated on other complaining about the horrible food cooked by their wives.

I hope their wives leave them for husbands who cook better.

One of the solution to the problem you see.


  1. i loved the pongal episode. semma comedy adhu. :D

  2. Unfortunately, there is no equality when it comes to Indian women versus men, when it comes to cooking. I have seen this attitude in the US, so I am not surprised. Even though many men are proud/happy to help their spouses with domestic chores, they are always proud when their wives are better cooks than them.

  3. v.k.n: i cant get to watch any episode hate the show and him so much.

    it is the environment where we have all been brought up.

  4. Seriously. Heights was when they were asked how will you reactwhen your husbands start appreciating the food you make for them.
    "I will tell everyone I know"
    "My feet wont be on the ground"

    I say grow a pair and live for yourself :--P