Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Person of auspicious taste

"Why would you want to wear black on this day? We never even got you anything in black when you were a kid."

"White?  full white on this auspicious day?"

"What is this red? why such absugana color?"(red rep. blood in some people's head, not saying who)

" What color should I wear then?"

"Try yellow/orange, bright colors would look good on you"

"Wait, let me call Ramarajan and borrow his Wardrobe."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book recommendation

Ok, I am looking for book recos again.  Tell me an awesome book you have read recently that can be read within 5-6 hours. Last time Saya and Soin recommended Kuzhali manickavel, whose book I havent read but her blog is awesome - thanks.
How many times have we seen a guy slip into his women's kurta? Like never.  A moment from Wake up sid that stayed in my mind. It just sounds as nice.

This was the also the moment that made me wonder if Imran Khan would have worked better for this role. As of today, Ranbir is a far better actor than Imran. But the sort of vulnerability this character requires, seems to be exactly his forte.

Oh, I did see the movie when it was released just chose to write about it today.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Every single time, I hear the praise of Karunanidhi's Grandson(udhaynidhi and dayanidhi) from yet another film personality - I am reminded of the line from a song in Vaaname ellai - "Naan karupu erupathal .. ennai othuku"  i.e just because i am black dont ignore me. In the film, the guys in desperate need for money sell their car when they will discover an old trunk potti in the car. Not knowing that it is full of cash(black money that the previous owner had stashed) they will end up throwing it in river.

Yesterday, Va.. quarter cutting had a program on TV and the guys praised Dayanidhi's production house for getting movie such as this as much visibility. Similarly, Gautham menon had thanked udhay stalin for vinnai thandi varuvaya. Good movies are getting great back up.

On the other hand, these perans(grandsons) are in movie productions after their family has already brought the whole madras that black money can buy and moved to movies as they are the best way to turn black money into white.

Ps: In short, does one rejoice good movies are getting good back up or squirm at the origin of the money which might as well be called red money.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Brain/Mind/just bunch of cells housed in the upper stall,
Please dont expect people you meet in real life to be as interesting as the vast wide web, it isnt fair to them, it isnt fair to you.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cant escape Tainted glasses

If we had royalty like England had, every single article about India will mention it in the derogatory sense along with caste, poverty etc.

But every mention of England doesnt talk about this absurdity of following a backward system like royalty.

Melanin or language dominance or good PR?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The ads are coming

People move from Tivo, DVR to online to youtube  etc all in quest to beat the ad monstor.
Guess what?
 The Ads are on youtube too.
For a 2 min. video clip, I need to watch 30 seconds of ad. That seems worse than the ones on TV, 'the not so evil company'.
I protest by immediately closing the video or refreshing the page - that works, the ads seem to disappear. Ofcourse, no one apart from me is aware of the protest, least of all, the one company which does all evil with a motto of 'do no evil'.

Meanwhile, here is yet another reminder why Tina Fey is the most awesomest* female on TV. Watchout the first 30 seconds.

Same video on youtube!

* that is a word, if not make it one.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The songs were great, but have you seen how awesome the video is?

The train reaches the station, Preity throws her luggage on Abhishek assuming him to be a porter. He pretends to be one after one look at her. Realization dawns on reaching the riksha stand,, she blushes. Love blossoms through the sport of kite flying. a brief discussion ondifferent religions later, a wedding in front of Tajmahal and a Happy ending with two grown up sons.
- All this in the few minutes of a song. The dream song of couple in London taking place in India - they close their eyes and they find themselves in India:)

This song had proper movie feel than the rest of the movie put together.

ps: It was as if director was trying to say - Look I know how to do movies in these few scenes so that we understand the rest of the movie wasn't due to inadequate skills but a different attempt. I am not a fan of the movie but of this song, yes.


Rakesh Mehra takes the cake on this one. Rang de basanti was a landmark movie in terms of the debate it raised. Somewhere along, I, an ordinary viewer enjoyed it for the craft at display as well.

In good old days, I could listen to the songs of a movie and guess easily where each song is going to be - the peppy introduction song, the romantic song, the sad song, the inspiration song. 
But RDB had it all reverse.

" Robaroo"   - This Jazzy, light hearted fun song that I would have expected to play somewhere in the beginning/ middle of the movie during fun times  plays in climax traditionally occupied by the inspirational genre.
  I paid attention to the spirited words only after watching the movie. 

"Luka chupi"
This has more to do with words than the video. Referring to game of Hide and seek in the context of death of son. 

This song is also the only time in where Lata's voice (which honestly as good as it was in those good old days is well past the expiry date) is used appropriately in recent times. She is singing for an old mother so using her voice makes sense. Funny, how Rakesh Mehra says this album is to be heard and not seen!

The lyrics are such master pieces in this film. "Kuch kar guzarone ko Khoon chala" that phrase is enough to drive you up the emotion quotient.

I will leave you with this, wonderful montage of Delhi set in Newyork. Also cows in Newyork city. Highly recommend. They are better than dogs anyday, I say!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enaku oru unmai therinjakanum!

Dear 5 peeples +1 toddler who sat next to us in starbucks,

What exactly is the deal there? 2 caucasian looking girlish women, 2 mexican looking men, 1 native american looking thatha and 1 chinese baby - with this sort of mix, you threw us off.

Infact, my friend 'Doe' thinks mexican father, caucasian woman with some native american lineage create chinese baby!

Please to note we have completely overlooked the fact that the toddler kept drinking whatever it was first in blue bottle then in a green bottle for the whole 2 hrs we were there. And the moment you stopped giving the liquid, it rebelled and all along you spent replenishing the drink - this was at 11.30 on a friday night. We are decent like that.