Monday, October 25, 2010

Every single time, I hear the praise of Karunanidhi's Grandson(udhaynidhi and dayanidhi) from yet another film personality - I am reminded of the line from a song in Vaaname ellai - "Naan karupu erupathal .. ennai othuku"  i.e just because i am black dont ignore me. In the film, the guys in desperate need for money sell their car when they will discover an old trunk potti in the car. Not knowing that it is full of cash(black money that the previous owner had stashed) they will end up throwing it in river.

Yesterday, Va.. quarter cutting had a program on TV and the guys praised Dayanidhi's production house for getting movie such as this as much visibility. Similarly, Gautham menon had thanked udhay stalin for vinnai thandi varuvaya. Good movies are getting great back up.

On the other hand, these perans(grandsons) are in movie productions after their family has already brought the whole madras that black money can buy and moved to movies as they are the best way to turn black money into white.

Ps: In short, does one rejoice good movies are getting good back up or squirm at the origin of the money which might as well be called red money.


  1. In short one should just watch the movies on videomasti and have fun! best favor one can do for those perans!

  2. agathey. but only for the perans and baad movies.