Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enaku oru unmai therinjakanum!

Dear 5 peeples +1 toddler who sat next to us in starbucks,

What exactly is the deal there? 2 caucasian looking girlish women, 2 mexican looking men, 1 native american looking thatha and 1 chinese baby - with this sort of mix, you threw us off.

Infact, my friend 'Doe' thinks mexican father, caucasian woman with some native american lineage create chinese baby!

Please to note we have completely overlooked the fact that the toddler kept drinking whatever it was first in blue bottle then in a green bottle for the whole 2 hrs we were there. And the moment you stopped giving the liquid, it rebelled and all along you spent replenishing the drink - this was at 11.30 on a friday night. We are decent like that.


  1. indha aaraichiellam apparam pannalaam.

    Poi Enthiren paaru! :D

  2. arghh.. not for another 3 wks me thinks or when the tickets reach 5$ whichever is earlier:)

  3. Chinese baby is the bond holding the estranged native american father and mexican son-in-law together. The caucasian girls were themselves adopted by native american father, so when he sees his american daughter and mexican son-in-awl adopt a chinese baby - he sees hope and love.

    Idhu eppidi irukku?

  4. Shankar on CNBC Beautiful People with Anubha Bhonsle

  5. My blog is eating up my own comments, some ghost this one.
    Praveen: I am still watching it, there is nothing new I hear from Shankar(from the first part) but Anuradha is probably the only 'indi' belt journalist who knows the Tamil side of cinema well as well.

    I like her.

    Saumya: he ha.. i like that story, adoption not genetics, you says? I suppose I am not broad minded enough even in my vambu:)

  6. Did, sir! saw the climax's graphic portion.