Thursday, September 30, 2010

New beginning again:)

A long due slate cleaning

For no reason, I like to completely wipe the space every 2 years. This time - only my second time got delayed because I wanted to move to wordpress for various reasons but decided to stay purely for the template.

So, a new beginning and hopefully better written posts.

Ps: The older posts have been moved to


  1. ah yes. same thought.i do it every year. free

  2. like looking forward to new class mates every year, kids only we are. oh relatively speaking you might still be.

  3. try a beautiful one.. me enjoyed.. feel u too..

  4. That is so unfair ... to folks who don't visit everyday.

    Oh well ... it is your blog after all! Plus I get to keep the anonymity.

    - Porcupyn

  5. SB!
    But how is it unfair?

    You have always been anonymous and still are, right?