Wednesday, September 1, 2010

'Peepli Live' Live

On the defensive, the NCP said ensuring distribution of food grain rotting in godowns to the poor was a collective responsibility at the central level. Pawar alone cannot be held responsible for it.
NCP’s general secretary Gurnath Kulkarni said, “Why should Pawar be equated with apex court’s verdict? It is the collective responsibility of the Centre and not of the agriculture minister alone.”

Pawar himself has argued that “surplus food production has led to shortage of godowns. Food grain was damaged in the rains in some states as they stored it in the open.”

The opposition parties have decided to up the ante over the issue. The BJP has decided to step up its campaign across states to expose ‘the rotten food grains scam’. BJP president Nitin Gadkari said, “Allowing food grain worth Rs58,000 crore to rot in godowns when several lakhs of people are reeling in hunger is a criminal.”


- Source:dnaindia

Congress wants Sharad pawar to fail who wants congress to fail which BJP also wants. But the food grains?


  1. act like an indian. it was never about the food grains. its about pawar and

  2. Soin: that would be acting like a politician. we arent that.

    Viswajith.k.n: :(:)