Monday, September 20, 2010

Will it happen?

A discussion of illayaraja without bringing in Rahman in negative way and vice versa?


  1. depends on if one is a lover of the music director or of good music!

  2. Starts from something like ^that!!! :)

    But it's like Rajini-Kamal. Here to stay.

  3. sorry meant depends if someone is a verithanamaana fan follower of the music director or of good music...fortunately am a fan of both so never debate it

  4. Viswajith.k.n:
    I am assuming it is never that black or white, music is what gives the loyalty in most cases and then loyalty blinds everything else.
    Rajini -kamal is amazingly gone down, right?


  5. ho my god..

    how to compare Rehman with a Mastero..

    me just seen a film - where the BGM telling half a story..

    enjoy a bit..

  6. enjoy another:

    we people keep this in our heart for so long.. any from Rehman?

  7. the last one:

    who has the depth of the master -
    in western and folk..

    god created Illayaraja - for us..

    in particular - the jogging sound in a film "Nenjaithi Killathe" by stroking thigh..

    he is a Masetro..

  8. some stylish:

    sorry, we people know only Illayaraja - for music - never know any other world music at all.. always feel - he is enough for us..

  9. well if you are a fan of good music it is not pure black and white is it. That being the case both are great in their own way.

  10. it is nice very nice.
    i am not even attempting the kweez:) literal head breaking to hear a familiar tune but trying to place the film.