Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Effing morons or .... not

"It is minor. It is only a false ceiling coming down, or parts of it. It will be corrected now," cabinet secretary KM Chandrasekhar, who oversees Games preparations, told CNN-IBN television.
"It is not something to be worried about ... it is not a major kind of collapse."

 " footbridge connecting to the stadium collapses injuring 27" 
The footbridge isnt part of stadium.

-OC secretary-general Lalit Bhanot said, “The standards of cleanliness and hygiene differ from person to person. What one thinks is clean may not appear that clean to others.”

Corruption might be a global phenomenon(mom says, Indira gandhi said so in 1970s) but no other party will come close to the way the congress has mastered it. This is what I hate about the congress. Yes, BJP def. has an issue. But what I find is media completely ignores congress's corruption which is as monstrous as mount everest. 
Every party, every country is corrupt. But carrying out a scandal this open is definitely lot more worrisome and is a congress speciality( this is exactly why oppose it and why I will always oppose it). Is BJP not corrupt, it is but it isnt as talented and till they gain the talent there might be a temp. relief. 

PS: I would have liked to end with blaming people who brought them back to power but wait a min.. they didnt. They voted with their regional parties and congress sits at the centre.


  1. unless congress is dissolved we can never have democracy or

  2. I think all of us are affected with anterograde amnesia. Come two months down the line wont be surprised if we just forget this mess and move on...:P

  3. It is our national foolishness that is to blame for all this. Even I would indulge in wanton corruption if the govt, law and the people who elect me say that "Don't worry, you will be insulated from everything". Why blame the Congress.

    I am sure, we will elect this same bunch of thugs by an even greater victory margin in 2014...

  4. Soin: Not really sure about that. You need congress, BJP and all the regional parties to be a democracy, i think.

    Viswajith.k.n: ofcourse.

    Kaushik: they havent won completely on their own, isnt it? it was the right electoral choices. but 2014 is a long way off, this would have no impact on the elections then.

  5. us, that is. they with their swiss bank a/cs are definitely not.

  6. Congress Wealth Games I say! Kalmadi or calamity?!