Thursday, September 9, 2010

I hate luv stories

First things first. Love doesnt always mean Karan Johars bubble gum archie romance. Some one needs to drill this down to Karan's head. Atleast all through this film that is when they say love it means Karan johar/ Yash chopra romance. Except for one scene just for one scene, Sonam kapoor hold Eric Segal's  Love story and I want to go screaming leave that book out of this.

But inspite of my KJ aversion, I still did like the first half. And there is absolutely no no need for a second half. literally nothing happens except for a trip to New Zealand.

There is a film within film spoofing of diff. scenes from their brand of movies.  Might have been a tribute, I took it as spoof and laughed out.

But the whole first half was good. So were the performances. I have watched Imran's previous film(why? for the same reason I watched this movie - it was available on netflix online streaming) which is why it is literally relief to watch him here. To know that 'Pretty' boy Imran with his porcelain skin and light eyes isnt a one film wonder, he can pull off atleast choc. boy roles and I will get to watch him more. Def. good news.

That sort of brings me to other most significant aspect of the movie. A movie where the Hero(definitely), second hero, an extra and some more people are much better looking than heroine. I wonder how often that happens.

Sonam kapoor, performs well - i mean the role didnt demand much but in a world of Katrina Kaif, Sonam might be oscar worthy. But you would have to fight anil kapoor creeping in through sonam's face. She looks quite ordinary in most scenes. I am not used to that in Indian cinema. Nor does she have a striking screen presence like Kajol(who i think is pretty) or Tabu. Basically, the only reason she is cast in a film would be she is Anil kapoor's daughter. Its all good though how often do we see women return from movies happy after some good eye candy and men come back disappointed. Almost never.

Overall, you are absolutely not missing anything by not watching but if you do have netflix, you can watch the first half.


  1. cha...I did not waste my netflix account on masti la saw it for half hr and got bugged. been a month or two since I last saw a decent movie in any language...

  2. I dont care for luv stories. I am watchin Dhabhang today! :D

  3. kannu watch boss engaira baskiran.. mass movie.. sema kalai.. hindhi padam lam wasteu ma. they dont have thalaivar.freee

  4. is online, nothing went waste:)
    Praveen: whistle away, then.
    Soin: u type this from 'indi' land:)

  5. What a strange coincidence! I caught this movie on netflix streaming yesterday! And agree with you 100%

  6. How much I love your movie reviews. Though I have no clue about what movie you are talking about. LOL at Anil Kapoor creeping into Sonam's face.

    Cant think about any story line when Kat is in it. All i can think of is whether she is a parrot or not.

    Word verification : winglit

  7. yaadayaada:
    did you just click on what is streaming locally tab :)
    Saya: aiyoo.. wats there to luv? katrina isnt in it.

    ask word verif. to remove the 'l'.

  8. idhuku i saw Dabangg...heavy kalaai + comedy movie fulla...action scenesa paarthu siricha first time idhu daan..

  9. :) i am almost close to taking a vow not to watch dabanggg:)