Sunday, September 19, 2010

I watched oram poo....

Just now. And I have no clue why I missed it couple of years ago. I am trying to blame it on the fact that I live far away from India .. You all know how true or false that can be.

Fantabolous movie.  Makes those who dont normally laugh out when they are watching movie alone a.k.a me laugh. It was so awesome I want to type awesome 3 times. that much awesome only. Hilarious.

Arya, who positively is a dumbhead appears to be doing all the right movies. Even Sarvam had a different story line. Madras pattinam is on the list to watch just to catch a glimpse of Madras from those days. There was arindum ariyamalum, pattiyal.  I am tempted to just check out the rest of his movies. May be some one else is making the script choices because when the guy appears on TV there is nothing that indicates this script sense.

Climax could have been little bit longer so that we could have savored or on a higher tone to make it feel like climax. But may be this is a trend now and I have to get used to it.

For personal reasons, the scene where pooja hits out on the random porriki in front of the theater is my favorite scene. :) I so want to go back in time and do it but hey atleast there is a scene. 
Va(which apparently is the tamil numerical for quarter and so the name) - here i come.

Continuing the trend to arrive at the scene late, even later than the police in the climax of the 80s movie, I watched dabangg trailers and found them hilarious.
Aishaa is just clueless atleast the first half which is weird because I like clueless. Not love, but it makes an interesting watch on TV. Aisha script even dialogue seem ok. Acting doesnt work to the extent the film demands(a chick-flick!) - just Sonam and Abhay. Rest of the cast does a good job. The direction should have been  lot  lot more crisp. I find it surprising to talk in such terms but since I have seen clueless couple of times, it is quite obvious. C'mon, if the movie cant even get the routine climax speech right which hollywood successfully pulls off in every single chick flick I dont have to say how bad the movie is.

And sonam? Again, you either have to be a great looking/ great actress, if we are lucky we get both but asking us to compromise on both is asking a bit too much for the audience(strangely, actors can be bad looking and bad in acting - way too many of those exist). Especially, in this film when every one else looks good, the girl shefali in particular it becomes a bit obvious.


  1. you dint watch jacob oram po till now.. you dint watch sms.. nee lam oru tamizh ponnu.. yes even am looking forward to va, weightu

  2. eeeee.. you watched oram po. now watch sms and then boss baskaran. sms is zimply too good.
    you will become jeevas fan after sms. but remember you have me for competition.

  3. Oram po is a favourite. Gayathri and Pushkar had made a short film titled Auto with Jagan in 2005. (who plays Arya's friend in oram po).
    Gayathri was my faculty in film school.

    I didn't like Aisha much.

  4. OUTRAGE at the last para!

    But suddenly, like I read somewhere, Sonam is the new Ash. An object of ridicule for the whole country, unwarranted or otherwise.

  5. Soin: i am pseud-gult no, athaan i think.

    Saya: Watched sms few scenes, unfort. sms cudnt be a follow up for oram poo. But that scene where they all land up in thai airlines office was hilarious from whatever scenes i saw. Jeeva acts well but no drooling here so u dont need 2 worry.

    Praveen: Film school faculty? figures. the genre is so western that i thought they would know cinema well but the story is so chennaized. Awesome only. Any link for the short film?

    Adithya: beholder, subjective and all that but seriously sonam?

    I think its ok though, I luv abhishek - half the ppl shake their head on that. Ash and sonam dissing isnt the same. the former is partly jealousy, the latter is the truth:)

  6. Oram Po was nice kalaai...Havent seen Pattiyal though...ROFL at Dabangg being hilarious...

  7. Viswajith:on dabangg - no, not unintentional. some dialogues were funny in the trailer.

  8. therila, she looks really good, IMHO. And has been fairly competent in all her films(The monologue in Aisha was a dialog writing failure more than acting, I think). And anyone who disses the acting dept of Sonam, I have two words - Katrina Kaif. Nobody seems to direct any outrage towards her! Food for thought.

  9. Adithya:
    I had the exact same point in my IHLS post - In a world of katrina kaifs sonam is good:)

    Yes, she wasnt as bad as Katrina (that is hard bar to even try).
    but this role is her and without a good performance from her the movie isnt convincing. same stuff with abhay too - i didnt fall in luv with him enough. but it could just be the director.

    Especially, when the other 4-5 actors who have equal screen time, look good and do their part very well - a colleague also said the same thing today even though we watched movies separately and hardly read any reviews.

    Ps: Katrina is very pretty though but i have hardly watched 2 movies of her!

  10. yeh, she did her film studies in the US before teaching in Chennai and eventually making films with her husband, Pushkar.

    I don't think the short film AUTO is online.

  11. I haven't watched any of the movies that you have mentioned, except pattiyal. Arya plays the role of a drunkard and is watchable. What is SMS ?? it the actor who acted as an autistic kid in some movie..

  12. I havent seen any movie of jeeva apart from few scenes of sms.

    But do watch oram poo, i am reco. 2 every one i meet:)

  13. @Shobha: that is jeeva and that movie is Raam, where he plays an autistic kid.

    SMS means Shiva manasukkula Shakti. I hated it :)

  14. Oh gosh. SMS is siva manasula shakthi. Horrible movie. And I don't like Jeeva at all. That boy is not good looking and overacts . His brother, don't know the name,is even awful.

  15. LOL.. Jeeva and his brother seem to be famous. The brother moron is nejamave moron. but sms is a lovely movie.