Tuesday, April 27, 2010

memories, memories of the bat, ball

memories  -late 90s -  Jadeja and Manoj Prabhakar batting in Srilanka at the 40/41st over - only 40 more runs to win with quite a few wickets in hand- expectations of an early wind up  - Jadeja and Prabhakar stay till the 50th over without adding on to the runs and we lose the match - How, how? - the disbelief.

Of surf excel ads - dive re baba dive - surf excel hai na
Of extra runs being scored of stumps so badly missed that the ball went longer distance due to misfielding than the bat

Cut to yesterday - Dhoni talks to Albie and Hayden - couple of balls later Hayden catches at mid-off  - pollard gone!
And a hop at the boundary line with the catch in the hand
We are all true believers these days.

PS: Nostalgia it is.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A coffee Nazi?

A coffee Nazi like the soup Nazi of the seinfeld?- atleast thats what the comments from Yelp about Sufi  suggested.

Here - the one comment that made me laugh.
"Yes, he said that me not knowing what to order was MY problem. What I choose to drink (I chose the Sufi House Blend) was MY problem. Everything was MY problem but about 1 minute prior to this I didn't even know I had a problem. And then he would laugh after every sentence"

 The following in the bathroom apparently(from yelp again).
"Only # one please. Not #2. Thank you. Please refrain from going to Big Toilet for there would be trouble ahead."

Ofcourse, he is not a nazi and more than half the comments support it. Yet, went there with loads of expectations - wee bit too small - smaller than a regular star bucks. The backyard which is actually where the entrance is, is nice. Ideal place if you have a gathering of around 6. Unfortuantely the capacity inside the cafe itself is only 6. Cant comment on coffee as I have stopped taking coffee but the chai latte wasnt good. 

While the service might not be super or Robot like that exists in a normal American commercial place, there wasnt anything to complain. Oh, did look at the walls - there was a framed article on how yelp trashes the place that doesnt advertise on its website!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

he he haaa

Let me add, this is the first IPL match I saw live(on TV!) completely:)

* Couldnt believe the catch that Zaheer Khan dropped  - felt the guy had taken money or something.
* Also felt very weird that CSK fielders could get their ball close to the stumps one too many times but never a direct hit. But felt nice to support a team that fields well.
* If we win we always win by margin we cant do close finishes - by 1 run or so - like the way we flopped with kings xi Punjab the first time.
* Why do all the finals have to be held at mumbai and not in any other city - what good is the venue if the Mumbai Indians aren't playing - the crowd isnt sportive at all
* At the risk of sounding like a Rediff/You tube commentator - why is no one from the media/ commentator team routing for chennai. It isnt Dhoni - have always noticed this with anything from South - may be they are just not too familiar but..
* I like Harsha bhogle as a commentator, dont like Sunil Gavaskar
* if  Keiron pollard had been brought in earlier - there is also a high chance he would have been dismissed similarly after an over - inevitable playing those risky shots - so dont know how it would have made a difference.
* Dhoni is soo cool right, I saw him discussing with Albie and Mathew just couple of balls before keiron Pollard's dismissal.
* Mathew Hayden almost killed it for us.
* Again, I have never ever rooted for a team that fields this well - Jakarta's catch just before the boundary - things you miss when merely following through the ticker.

Friday, April 23, 2010

News - What should one do with it?

Sachu kichu is a couch potato Analyst. Living and working within the zip code, she alternates between the couch at home and the swivelling chair at office.

 I read a year or two ago that Lalit modi was somehow associated with Rajasthani royals. The only thought then was if thats why rajasthani royals were able to win the first game. And that was the only thought till last week.*

oh, when Arjun Rampal company was contracted for running after ipl match parties accompanied with fashion shows ofcourse I went wt...h on two counts - one Arjun rampal is close to srk who Modi was close with (portrayed)- and more importantly what exactly does a fashion show got to do with cricket? How exactly does it enhance the IPL in anyway? was it somehow going to bring back money to anyone apart from Arjun rampal.  So what was the point ? The h in wth-ness went two letters before in the alphabet series when I read that players were forced to attend these parties unofficially. It is tough to lead a life along with following ipl for the month for a normal viewer like me and you ask a player to attend parties on a regular basis?

That apart there wasnt any alarm bells. Contrary to the intention of what those government leaked information  that appears suddenly in all the news paper about how much lalit modi travelled in jets, I still dont see why I should be bothered about it. 

If Binaami/kickbacks was a problem, you know two decades ago, Rajiv Gandhi  - one of my favorite celebrities(he was one to me), his family and a particular Italian friend were involved in a bofors kickback scandal. Now, that is my business because my country's tax money was involved, the equipment was bought for my country's defence - any lowering of the quality could have drastic problems and Rajiv Gandhi was the prime Minister - answerable to us. Just to let you know, the case is still being efficiently handled by the CBI till date. very efficiently that they cant transmit a simple court order from here to Argentina - really as Goundamani would say technology has improved so much.

On the other hand, BCCI isnt using my tax money. It might be tax exempt but so are movies with tamil names and Big B's paa. I am not happy with any of the cases. Now, Lalit modi owning a part of Punjab XI and Rajasthani royals and also the chairman of IPL could be a problem if there was a indication that it could influence the outcome of matches - but the teams are run by India's richest bigshots and they havent complained. So as a viewer, if match fixing is going on - then it is a problem. Ofcourse, fixing the IPL team auction is wrong.  But then again, as a viewer .... The only entity that is affected by this is BCCI(and Indian cricket - but hey it is run by BCCI so its all used to it by now) and their committtee members are the ones who are doing it. So you see....

Dont get me wrong, I am not trying to justify anyone here - infact they are all "The pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum" - and a mighy ugly icky pus. That is from a moral and ethical viewpoint. And its a  mooooo point.

But seriously Lalit modi's air travel record is absolutely of no interest to me, really. and thanks for sparing me  the number of trips he had to make to the loo in the private jet and water usage. If at all, please let me if I will get to see good investigation of the bofors scandal.

Ps: Lalit modi - the scum is a very efficient administrator I will give him that - have always wondered how the IPL is run so efficiently. I mean it could be just choosing the right event management company but still how often does that happen in other BCCI related activities.

Ps1: the whole post is just pondering if there is any reason for me to get alarmed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Valid reasons

Can't start work on the new project.
No new notebooks.
There are some in the stationary corner.
Yeah, but they have checks on them and I want ruled ones.
The bigger ones are ruled ones.
oh in the bigger ones I only  go for 5 subject notebooks. Btw, what is with these pencils here, so lame.

Ps: notepad it is then!

And here comes Raavanan

- Wait for a couple of minutes. or you can see a very scary picture below. Vikram is soo much better than Abhishek - Abhishek's raavan(veera?) reminds you more of a child while vikram has a menacing look. Raavanan it is for now.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Name - insert whatever sounds sensible

From Utopia, take a right turn, turn left after the 10th star, cross the non-existent galaxy and head south. Ignore the huge crowds of people you will encounter at half the 'whatever sounds sensible' light years. The crowds will be leaving each other notes on facebook like, " hey you look gorgeous goddess", "Thank you my angel". 

You will hit cynical world at  'whatever sounds sensible' light years. You might find people like chowky duc who says nobody should have children because the world is going to end. anyway For a moment, just for a moment, you will find some people let out a smile at this wisdom but that is just for a moment. Our faces and even hearts could be bitter but our feet firmly on the ground, unlike those Thrisangu people whose foot is hanging literally nowhere in the hope that they are heading to utopia.

Utopia is a deserted place, nobody can live there.

Truely Super

That just makes Chennai the only team to make it to all the 3 semi-finals.

ps: yes, they havent won the cup that last two times.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The very best of twiterrati

If I have to be really objective about it I might have to say Rahul Khanna. But when some one tweets like this,
" kjohar25 Feeling terrible about the KKR loss....@iamsrk is the most passionate and positive human being I know...more power to him always!!!!" 

It cracks me up, it makes my day. When everything else fails, there is always KJo's tweets to make us laugh:) 

The short stories of Saki (H.H. Munro) : complete / with an introduction by Christopher Morley

The white tiger : a novel / Aravind Adiga

The best short stories of Dostoevsky / translated with an introduction by David Magarshack

The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy / Douglas Adams

Nine stories / J. D. Salinger

The inheritance of loss / Kiran Desai

A fine balance : a novel / by Rohinton Mistry

Franny and Zooey

Raise high the roof beam, carpenters, and : Seymour an introduction / J.D. Salinger 

- That is the list of books on table. Though I want something light- like bridget jone's diary/ Swami and friends/ Yes minister - make whatever you want off those choices, but that is what I am looking for now and any suggestion will be appreciated.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Attended a jugal bandhi by Shashank and another Sitar artist. They started out with Purvi Kalyani - not a raaga I know( I know only ~10 anyway:)). But couldnt get the lines, " nee oru silayo, yen nilaya kettu ellayo" - in TN Sankarnarayanan's voice out of my head. Asked my friends for the song knowing well this was a middle of the song and they didnt know. Came back home and couple of indirect searches later, here he is.

Thing is, as a kid I hated the audio cassette with said song. The cassette also had Parukule nalla naadu and he would repeat the same line in ten different ways especially dreaded those parts:). Was slightly ashamed to say it out loud then, somehow the atmosphere wasnt conducive at home to diss carnatic.

Having not heard the cassette for a long time now, felt very weird when I could hear the voice crystal clear in my head submerging the flute and the sitar that was being played.

ps: There is no analysis behind this post just felt like recording what i experienced. But yes, the cassette is highly recommended, felt the gambiram is slightly missing in the youtube recording. But yes, today I would stand first in line to listen to him:)

ps1: Is the song ezhu swarangal kul on purvi kalyani? couldnt get that from google, tfm page failed me on this. and as i said i am a kathu kutti, so help appreciated!