Monday, April 26, 2010

A coffee Nazi?

A coffee Nazi like the soup Nazi of the seinfeld?- atleast thats what the comments from Yelp about Sufi  suggested.

Here - the one comment that made me laugh.
"Yes, he said that me not knowing what to order was MY problem. What I choose to drink (I chose the Sufi House Blend) was MY problem. Everything was MY problem but about 1 minute prior to this I didn't even know I had a problem. And then he would laugh after every sentence"

 The following in the bathroom apparently(from yelp again).
"Only # one please. Not #2. Thank you. Please refrain from going to Big Toilet for there would be trouble ahead."

Ofcourse, he is not a nazi and more than half the comments support it. Yet, went there with loads of expectations - wee bit too small - smaller than a regular star bucks. The backyard which is actually where the entrance is, is nice. Ideal place if you have a gathering of around 6. Unfortuantely the capacity inside the cafe itself is only 6. Cant comment on coffee as I have stopped taking coffee but the chai latte wasnt good. 

While the service might not be super or Robot like that exists in a normal American commercial place, there wasnt anything to complain. Oh, did look at the walls - there was a framed article on how yelp trashes the place that doesnt advertise on its website!


  1. Endha coffe place?? We will also (not) try no? ;--)

  2. SK: Antha yelp link has the address to it:) Do try - atleast something different, you know.