Sunday, April 25, 2010

he he haaa

Let me add, this is the first IPL match I saw live(on TV!) completely:)

* Couldnt believe the catch that Zaheer Khan dropped  - felt the guy had taken money or something.
* Also felt very weird that CSK fielders could get their ball close to the stumps one too many times but never a direct hit. But felt nice to support a team that fields well.
* If we win we always win by margin we cant do close finishes - by 1 run or so - like the way we flopped with kings xi Punjab the first time.
* Why do all the finals have to be held at mumbai and not in any other city - what good is the venue if the Mumbai Indians aren't playing - the crowd isnt sportive at all
* At the risk of sounding like a Rediff/You tube commentator - why is no one from the media/ commentator team routing for chennai. It isnt Dhoni - have always noticed this with anything from South - may be they are just not too familiar but..
* I like Harsha bhogle as a commentator, dont like Sunil Gavaskar
* if  Keiron pollard had been brought in earlier - there is also a high chance he would have been dismissed similarly after an over - inevitable playing those risky shots - so dont know how it would have made a difference.
* Dhoni is soo cool right, I saw him discussing with Albie and Mathew just couple of balls before keiron Pollard's dismissal.
* Mathew Hayden almost killed it for us.
* Again, I have never ever rooted for a team that fields this well - Jakarta's catch just before the boundary - things you miss when merely following through the ticker.


  1. neenga pathadhunala dhaan win panitoma..rightu free

  2. ellanga, apdi ella. Naa pathum win panitom :)