Saturday, April 10, 2010

Attended a jugal bandhi by Shashank and another Sitar artist. They started out with Purvi Kalyani - not a raaga I know( I know only ~10 anyway:)). But couldnt get the lines, " nee oru silayo, yen nilaya kettu ellayo" - in TN Sankarnarayanan's voice out of my head. Asked my friends for the song knowing well this was a middle of the song and they didnt know. Came back home and couple of indirect searches later, here he is.

Thing is, as a kid I hated the audio cassette with said song. The cassette also had Parukule nalla naadu and he would repeat the same line in ten different ways especially dreaded those parts:). Was slightly ashamed to say it out loud then, somehow the atmosphere wasnt conducive at home to diss carnatic.

Having not heard the cassette for a long time now, felt very weird when I could hear the voice crystal clear in my head submerging the flute and the sitar that was being played.

ps: There is no analysis behind this post just felt like recording what i experienced. But yes, the cassette is highly recommended, felt the gambiram is slightly missing in the youtube recording. But yes, today I would stand first in line to listen to him:)

ps1: Is the song ezhu swarangal kul on purvi kalyani? couldnt get that from google, tfm page failed me on this. and as i said i am a kathu kutti, so help appreciated!


  1. amazin how the chinna vayasula kathunda music comes back now la? with a warm gooey feeling?

  2. its not even kathunda- it is ketta - his singing drilled the raaga into my head:)

  3. I saw ads for this concert, but couldn't make time for it. Looks like you have really enjoyed.

  4. Shoba: If you like Indian classical music concerts, the line up from SIFA this year is extremely interesting.

    This is what the above link says.
    Ezhu swarangalukkul - Apoorva raagangal (This song starts with Pantuvaraali. Before every charanam, the violinist briefly plays a different raagam and VJ starts singing the followig charanam in this new raagam. At the end of this charanam, she again comes back to Pantuvaraali and goes to a different raagam in the next charanam. The sequence of ragas(if I'm right) is Ranjani, Sindhu Bairavi, Kamboji.)

  6. YaadaYaada: welcome, thanks for link - i seem to have been faroff:)