Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1947 create a vacancy

It isnt clear how he was related, why he came that day. In all probability to ask for the use of influence( you know the kind which after use one can safely keep in almirah/Bureau or even fridge). But that isnt important at all.

What was important was the words that were to be uttered. A grey-haired 80-something Thatha in our living room. My Brothers and I somehow couldnt get out. This man launched onto one of those " In those days... . my uncle was the post master, I was looking for a job. My uncle asked the post office to give me one but there was no vacancy. In 1947, my uncle said create a vacancy." - the last part repeated couple of times with a peak of cresecndo tone. That create a vacancy is how we refered(that includes my parents) him from thenon.

But he was talking about 1947, even my Dad wasnt born yet. The country was few months away from Independence. And he was referring to it in late 90s. Quite a reminiscence-able age I say. Officially earned one.

There is a whole nostalgia post series that has been going on in my head for a while now. In late 20s, I feel the urge to talk about the past. So much to tell.

Today I was blog hopping - i mean literally clicking on next blog - when i saw nostalgia trip of some one who was going to give his eighth sem exam. Eighth sem - not yet 21 talking about those days.

I fully expect my 3 month old nephew's first words to be, " In those days".


  1. I think nostalgia is different from "In those days". A 21 yr old can write about his school life in a different city (I've done it, obviously) and that would be nostalgia. Using the phrase "In those days.." can be a WTF scenario.

  2. Agreed, but the tone over there was very much in those days and it wasnt 'WTF' just that we live in really fast changing times.

  3. I used to love listening to 'In those days' stories. They seemed magical .. maybe, just the quality of my father's story-telling.

  4. Saumya: I would love to hear in those days from my dad - in fact pester him wee bit but he isnt too forthcoming and would have loved to hear from grand parents - the personal touch plus knowing more about the roots would have been good.:)