Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Calling out Karthiks

One of these days, I will meet some one from Tamil nadu who never had a Karthik in their class(co-ed/boys school, ofcourse).

And then a tamilian's cell phone without a Karthik listed in there.

And then enter a US Office without a John/ Mike.

Ps: Advait might become the new Karthik - such a pity, I like that name.


  1. advait ah? Really?

    Arvinds and Aruns are a close second/third to Karthiks.

  2. Hahha you can take my phone with a phone book without Karthik ;--) [Soon, I just came to know of a Karthik, yet to get his cell number]

    Yes, Advait, and Ananya.

  3. How many Karthik's do you know?

    Add Sriram And variants of its spellings too to the common name category :p

  4. Adithya: i wish they did the top ten list in india like they do here.
    Know 3 people who named their kids advait.
    SK: I want to name my kid advait too.:)
    Kaushik: The cell phone has 3 and i am not even tht social.
    Saya: Whats wrong with Aditya?:)

  5. Hi Sachita, long back you gave a link on your post mentioning a Marathi music director who analysed Rahman's music. I am the one. Recently, I recorded the Marathi Abhimaangeet, a mega song sung by 112 professional artists and a chorus line of 356 singers. Interestingly, I recorded the string section in ARR's studio in Chennai. Why the song was made makes an interesting story, but I would really like the music lovers from all over to hear this song. This is not a song only for those whose mothertongue is Marathi. It's a song for all those who in fact HAVE a mother tongue! Thanks and regards.

  6. Kaushal S Inamdar: Thanks for providing the link, sounds very interesting. even if it was Marathi, I would still listen to it:)