Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Karunanidhi - opposing all caste bar one

What was casteism - determining one's occupation by birth? But now we have Karunanidhi's & sons & Daughter & potentially Grandsons in Politics. And the man came to Politics opposing casteism!


  1. why just blame Karunanidhi. All politicians do that.

    And they should not be blamed either...We will happily elect Stalin and Rahul Gandhi and Stalin's son and RG's kids (when he has them) without thinking about their capabilities....We want to be ruled:(

  2. It is like their family business. gah.

  3. Kaushik: we - are given options and we choose but it is a choice between stalin's kid and RG's kids - anthe. but irony of this whole phenomena is amusing.

    Saya: with all that money why do they still want to continue business.