Sunday, February 28, 2010

Words - recently heard and liked

"Aisi udhaasi baithi hai dil pe
Hassne se ghabra rahe hain"
Gulzar,yes, I know but I still want to say I love Vishal Bhardwaj. And Screen presence means Naseer.

" Oru Naal sirithen Maru naal azhuthen.. onai naan kollamal kondru pothaithene"
Sometime later, Ar Rahman sings, " melum melum orugi orugi, unai enni engum edayathe enna seiven" and the way he sings edayathe enna seiven brings out such an innocent yearning..

So what are your words?

Friday, February 26, 2010

I parked the car and you should know what happened next.!

I parked the rental car(you know the reason for rental car, right? read 3 posts before) in a parking zone on the side of the road which is fine in a normal world for normal people. But me, me? no I should probably park it in a special garage, since i live in an apartment, might have to rent a garage exclusively for this and then walk from there to my house! Mom says somebody would drive into the garage like how it happens in some movies.

Anyway, zooming in to that day. It would have been just five minutes and I was still debating between bread bhajji and potato bonda and waiting for the hot chai to cool when I heard the knock. I delivered the verdict of bread bhajji to Mom and opened the door.

This lady who stays in my apartment asks, did you just park your car?
I said, yes. Somebody has hit your car. I literally run behind her with a disbelief - I mean how can it be? Isnt there a quota system for this sort of thing? some time interval?

Anyway, I ask her if the person who hit my car is still there or did you note the number. She says, no no she is still in the car.

I go there and the lady is still in the car, worse the car is still in the same position. She had some motor/rotor/steering wheel problem in her car and cant get the car out. The two cars were in the head side lock position till the tow truck came. The parked rental car had the front wheels still on the road but the back of the car had jumped onto the pavement.

The apartment manager came out, half the building was anyway outside since incessant rains had decided to take a break that day.

The lady was in tears, shaking. She said she will pay. My apartment manager suggested it is better to call the cops since it is a rental. So I had to do that. Besides it was traffic jam situation.

First cop who is in the beat comes in. Asks her to describe what happened. I mean I called them. We are both standing there next to each other. This Caucasian cop comes in and starts talking to her straight away. Anyway, she told the scenario. Got the report done. Car towed. Next day they gave me a new car.

Cop and the rental car agency guy told me that this is it, all my bad luck will be out of the way with this. Colleagues pointed out how i get to drive a new car everyday. Family points out how my car is practically new and so on. I mean for God sake, it was a parked car.

Autobiography - part 3, huh?

So, VTV is another Gautham menon's autobiography, how long will he go on doing this?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hush peoples

To all the ones who talk hush hush, I am pretty sure you arent talking about me 99% of the time. And the one time you are talking about me, believe me I would rather take people screaming bad things in front of me rather than hush hushing it out in the corner of a room* or in another cube.

* I once had a friend take out another friend to a room corner talk about blue top versus green top, pray what can be so secretive about it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cricket and terrorism

"It’s sad that a golden opportunity to nurture sporting ties between the two countries has been allowed to pass. By not picking any Pakistan players, the Indian Premier League team owners have missed an opportunity to show to the world that sport and politics needn’t always be inter-linked."
- says the former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad, whose son is married to Dawood Ibrahim's(the guy who was behind bombay blasts and continues to finance several terrorist activies against India) daughter.

This is the kind of question I want to pose Shahrukh. I condemn Shiv Sena's attack. But I do hate the way media went completely in support. I mean how hard is it to support his right to say yet question him on what he says?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leave the Grey coloured low end Japanese car alone

" Appa says its your fault if you are hit twice within a gap of few months."

Looking at brother now for help at this ridiculous accusation but he takes this opportunity once again to add some mischief by saying it has to be yours, ofcourse, with a glint of smile.

" Even though, in both the cases the other party themselves agreed its their fault?"

" What were you doing when this guy hit you?, you should be little more careful."

" I was driving straight."

" He came from the side and banged me".

" What happened to this car?"


- At this point, even my mom cracks up.

I am glad that in both the cases, they owned up to their mistakes - they had too, it was a open and shut case. Considering three of my friends have not owned up, these guys are gems. But still leave my grey coloured low end Japanese car alone. Yes, it is a compact japanese car amidst the bmws, mercs and what nots. But it has been with me for five years. It has taken as much as it can. So have I.

Worse is the insurance company which makes it sound as if its doing a charity. Next time the all state guy's ad comes, it is going to take a lot of effort to not smash it. They are bullying me so much for money I so deserve, suckahs.

It is yet to be fixed:(

In another world, my name got attached to a paper published in the only journal that I know of. Since I crib so much, it only sounds right to acknowledge the unexpected minute pleasures.

They just turned what we were working on into a paper. Nothing big. And I dont know what is in the paper so cant claim much credit and it only sounds right to read it now that my name also appears pathoda pathi nona(!). Off to do that now. (no congratulations deserved).

Monday, February 15, 2010

zip code

I live and work in the same zip code. How many of you can claim that?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Life isnt fair

Off all the people in the world, Mr. Windows from seatle says that. If life is unfair to me the same way it was to Bill Gates, believe me, I would get used to it. Happily, I add.

I just dont want to be on this side of unfairness.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

As some one has already said, "I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to death your right to say it"

The man isnt really known for speaking his mind on anything even remotely serious. What prompted Shahrukh Khan this time?

was it a publicity stunt? - if so wouldnt there have been calculations about misfiring as well? - dont blame me, one can never avoid that with celebrities especially ones who are known for their PR skills.

Was it the Pakistani market? - if so isnt the Mumbai market bigger?

Or did the incident in august when Shahrukh khan has to go through a secondary check in American airport trigger this?

To create as much hungama isnt him. Especially one that might even have a slight risk of losing money is just not him.

And I am happy and unhappy with the support he has received from the government on this?. Sena maniacs (whose actions seem to make us think they are definitely on page with the ultimate dream of Pakistani terrorist - India's destruction) have been troubling quite a few people but this is the first time the government machinery seems to have come in complete support. So did the press with Barkha literally kissing i am not going to mention where in the interview. The uttery shameless open disparity by the people in power and press. is alarming and disgusting. But atleast someone finally stood against the atrocity that is Siva Sena.(tamilized - you see).

On what he said, ofcourse Pakistan isnt full of crazy maniacs who have terrorism with no purpose as a hobby. But I dont agree with what he says, Pakistan isnt a great neighbour. I would like it be. 62 years of neighbour bashing sport is tiring, boring. But part of their government establishment - i.e the military is linked with some of the terrorist actions. They werent even ready to help us find the people responsible for our nightmarish 7/11. Worst neighbours. I doubt if Shahrukh isnt aware of these.

But it is something that can be discussed in interviews. And if not, that should be dismissed merely as someone's opinion. Every one is allowed to have that.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tamil film gossip

I dont read them. Because I have no interest in reading something like - the three letter named actress and the four lettered actor who acted in the recently flopped 10 letter named movie ....
nope, i dont solve puzzles, just dont - not for a job related interview, def. not for something as simple. its gossip for God's sake - cant that atleast be straight forward.

which is why I prefer Pan Parag makkal's gossip.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Indian Ambassador?

Why cant we get a Ambassador for India like this man is for Pakistan?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Aayrithil Oruvan

This is most I have liked a Selvaraghavan movie and I still hate Selvaraghavan. Hated Kadhal Kondein, 7G rainbow colony and didnt watch pudupetai in the first place . the crassness, he really needs to get his head checked or may be he is beyond that now. And it is also hard to believe this could have been sophistication level during 12 the century(got that time from KArthi's interview, not sure if that comes in movie).

I still dont get the viduthai puli reference or that it is far fetched. Considering the war ended much after the shooting had began. One must really be a tamil fanatic to think of the reference.

It was so hard so so hard not to read any of the posts/discussions on this. Finally got to watch it, it is out of bay area as of today between. And I am glad for the way I watched it without filling up the disgusted one's coffer.

Oh Amma and I both like Karthi just based on Payya trailer and his interviews and decided to dump Surya.

I have been going through all the reviews now that I have watched the movie. One of the major complaints seems to be logical loopholes. I never thought of any. For example, I liked the fact the the chola culture is frozen from 12th century. Branched off groups seems to preserve the tongue and to an extent culture lot more and esp. in a case like this with no outside contacts, it would have been preserved. But I know the story had royal line in the second half. So my curiosity was just how exactly he was going to bring in the ancient royal family. Instead of resorting to standard time travel/some such fleazy route, i found this one lot more acceptable. I could go ahead and give each argument a counter point with how exactly the movie worked for me but I am afraid that might end up sounding like one of those ridiculous Dasavatharam emails.

Graphics was bad. So bad that even future Amman movie makers wont go to the same Graphics company.

Selvaraghavan had stated in an interview, Reema had the most prominent role and she has. So, ideally when you walk you out of the movie, she should have been in your head. But Karthi and Parthiban are the ones who stay with you. It isnt even Reema sothapified, she just doesnt have Screen Presence to pull it off. A better actress would have made it the role of her career.

The other aspect was the portrayal of Chozha life. I found it ajarring while watching the movie considering my 'Cheyyul' lessons had stated something else. If I remember right there are decently documented poems about the way of life as well during these relatively latter times of tamilian history. But I thought Selva might have done his due research looks it was on the western movies(atleast thats what i gather from Shoba's review) rather than our own writings from the era.

And the last, I am not sure about this first half and second half liking business. I liked both. First half was a riot if you ignore the graphics part. Second half has more stuff packed in it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another day, another time

She was admiring her reflection on the glass panes of the shop. the perfect nose, the lips and everything else at the right place - looking back they hardly seem noteworthy. but thats what she felt that day.

"What would you say if I said I love you?", He asked.

She said no with her nodding, continuing to smile at her reflection without much of reaction otherwise that the question demanded.

They continued the rest of the day, rest of their life never referring to the conversation again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reason i follow gossip on mid-day

"....Being a part of Twitter is like being in a relationship where you have to be faithful to your love (Twitter) and give it time every day. It's your lover. When so many people love you, you make sure you deliver. Now SRK will be a committed lover on Twitter...."

- that is Karan johar on SRK joining twitter, will this guy talk about going to the rest room also in terms of love.