Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reason i follow gossip on mid-day

"....Being a part of Twitter is like being in a relationship where you have to be faithful to your love (Twitter) and give it time every day. It's your lover. When so many people love you, you make sure you deliver. Now SRK will be a committed lover on Twitter...."

- that is Karan johar on SRK joining twitter, will this guy talk about going to the rest room also in terms of love.


  1. Nice one. Loved it.

    By chance I was looking a post of someone else (dared Feb 2009). There I saw your comment:

    "Aiyyo, pls to drishti suthi potufy, very cute".

    I have not heard that in a long time. Both "drishti suthi" and also "potufy". Brought a smile because I often say "kalakufy".

  2. SK: :)
    SG: was it from boosbabytalk. that lang. isnt unsual at all where we come from ,right?