Sunday, February 28, 2010

Words - recently heard and liked

"Aisi udhaasi baithi hai dil pe
Hassne se ghabra rahe hain"
Gulzar,yes, I know but I still want to say I love Vishal Bhardwaj. And Screen presence means Naseer.

" Oru Naal sirithen Maru naal azhuthen.. onai naan kollamal kondru pothaithene"
Sometime later, Ar Rahman sings, " melum melum orugi orugi, unai enni engum edayathe enna seiven" and the way he sings edayathe enna seiven brings out such an innocent yearning..

So what are your words?


  1. the manipaaya moment in the film is pure magic. It lifts an ordinary song to an altogether different level. I have new found respect for that song now.

  2. yet to see vtv s cant tell.but i really liked the thai thiondra manne classical version from ao..nice lyrics after long time..add narumugaye and ennavale to that

  3. GW" You know the it " maru naal veruthen" - i always heard maru naal azhuthen - so what i mean is it hardly relates to me from the movie's angle. I took it as the usual mood swings.
    But can see you are mega enthu abt the movie - its a boyz only movie, yo?

    Havent seen vtv either. PB Srinivas in a voice that is hardly melodious anymore and vairumuthu with a view that I dont neccess. agree with - but the scenes still end up making a strong impact.

  4. Agree with Gradwolf...Thought the movie was good but not worth the mega-hype surrounding it... Looks like the director is good at creating the hype :)

  5. Kaushik: he is the only one catering to an middle/ upper middle class sensibility i suppose. So you watched it, huh? i am the only one left out now.

  6. I watched it. Didnt like it, inspite of being a sucker for romance movies.
    Couldnt stand that Simbu guy.

  7. SK: that leaves only me, but i plan to stay out still.