Friday, February 26, 2010

Autobiography - part 3, huh?

So, VTV is another Gautham menon's autobiography, how long will he go on doing this?


  1. whose, gautham menon's?

    aiyoo i am pretty sure he is not filming the scenes where he got padarakshalu adi when he played guitar to a stranger in train and professed undying love :)

  2. Hey watch it and write review;--))
    then I will decide whether to watch or not

  3. haha.. good try. i think i will stay away from this one:)

  4. what no military and all in this movie?nan othuka maten.gautham menon movies should have military, song spoiling dances and

  5. ama.. his life wonlee.... hehehe.. good thing about becoming a director is..
    1. you can take yourself so seriously and keep on making movies of your life.
    2. put some hot hero in your place
    3. engallam avarukku adi vandhudho.. all his failures.. he is converting into celluloid romances.. therapeutic i say.. he is completing his gestald circles through this exercise.. lol

  6. Soin: military was only used in VA but these love at first sight - christain - bumping at a christian wedding - aiyoo.
    Saya: spot on. atleast now he should on move on new stories.