Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another day, another time

She was admiring her reflection on the glass panes of the shop. the perfect nose, the lips and everything else at the right place - looking back they hardly seem noteworthy. but thats what she felt that day.

"What would you say if I said I love you?", He asked.

She said no with her nodding, continuing to smile at her reflection without much of reaction otherwise that the question demanded.

They continued the rest of the day, rest of their life never referring to the conversation again.


  1. Whaaat is this :--D True incident?

  2. celf centered lady? many guys love those dashes and say they live in their own bubble da

  3. edho route mari thappa vandhuta mari irukku!

  4. Adithya: y? yen?

    Soin: all because a person exercised their right to say no and the person happens to be a 'GIRL'. I will never understand why girls get the flak.

    SK: !!!!

  5. ayeah here coz girl was talked of.i just meant in general self centerism is totally accepted and defended these

  6. :)
    rest of their life 'together'?

  7. Soin: :) still have trouble with the term self centrism. but as u say free.

    Saya: not really sure. somehow they never do.