Friday, February 26, 2010

I parked the car and you should know what happened next.!

I parked the rental car(you know the reason for rental car, right? read 3 posts before) in a parking zone on the side of the road which is fine in a normal world for normal people. But me, me? no I should probably park it in a special garage, since i live in an apartment, might have to rent a garage exclusively for this and then walk from there to my house! Mom says somebody would drive into the garage like how it happens in some movies.

Anyway, zooming in to that day. It would have been just five minutes and I was still debating between bread bhajji and potato bonda and waiting for the hot chai to cool when I heard the knock. I delivered the verdict of bread bhajji to Mom and opened the door.

This lady who stays in my apartment asks, did you just park your car?
I said, yes. Somebody has hit your car. I literally run behind her with a disbelief - I mean how can it be? Isnt there a quota system for this sort of thing? some time interval?

Anyway, I ask her if the person who hit my car is still there or did you note the number. She says, no no she is still in the car.

I go there and the lady is still in the car, worse the car is still in the same position. She had some motor/rotor/steering wheel problem in her car and cant get the car out. The two cars were in the head side lock position till the tow truck came. The parked rental car had the front wheels still on the road but the back of the car had jumped onto the pavement.

The apartment manager came out, half the building was anyway outside since incessant rains had decided to take a break that day.

The lady was in tears, shaking. She said she will pay. My apartment manager suggested it is better to call the cops since it is a rental. So I had to do that. Besides it was traffic jam situation.

First cop who is in the beat comes in. Asks her to describe what happened. I mean I called them. We are both standing there next to each other. This Caucasian cop comes in and starts talking to her straight away. Anyway, she told the scenario. Got the report done. Car towed. Next day they gave me a new car.

Cop and the rental car agency guy told me that this is it, all my bad luck will be out of the way with this. Colleagues pointed out how i get to drive a new car everyday. Family points out how my car is practically new and so on. I mean for God sake, it was a parked car.


  1. haben't you heard: upar waala jab deta hai....

  2. female comments

  3. Before I comment to you sachi..
    @soin.. come to madras.. and i will show you how well i can drive. I hope you will stop saying that after watching me. grr.

    @sachita .. laughed all the way through this post.. what luck babe..
    lol.. on parked car la inime on paeru ezhudhavendam..:D

  4. ROTFL!!! :--)
    Hope allll the bad luck is gone now.

  5. Kaushik: I thought that was for paisa?
    Soin: 2/3 of accidents where my car hit was caused by male drivers. Besides, Women and men are considered no different in terms of driving here.
    GW: week man , week.
    Saya: If you notice the my grey coloured low end japanese car was left one(so wat if the said car was in a body shop tuckeed inside with too many other cars) so the request is being altered any car I drive or am associated with:)
    SK: hope so:)