Thursday, February 11, 2010

As some one has already said, "I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to death your right to say it"

The man isnt really known for speaking his mind on anything even remotely serious. What prompted Shahrukh Khan this time?

was it a publicity stunt? - if so wouldnt there have been calculations about misfiring as well? - dont blame me, one can never avoid that with celebrities especially ones who are known for their PR skills.

Was it the Pakistani market? - if so isnt the Mumbai market bigger?

Or did the incident in august when Shahrukh khan has to go through a secondary check in American airport trigger this?

To create as much hungama isnt him. Especially one that might even have a slight risk of losing money is just not him.

And I am happy and unhappy with the support he has received from the government on this?. Sena maniacs (whose actions seem to make us think they are definitely on page with the ultimate dream of Pakistani terrorist - India's destruction) have been troubling quite a few people but this is the first time the government machinery seems to have come in complete support. So did the press with Barkha literally kissing i am not going to mention where in the interview. The uttery shameless open disparity by the people in power and press. is alarming and disgusting. But atleast someone finally stood against the atrocity that is Siva Sena.(tamilized - you see).

On what he said, ofcourse Pakistan isnt full of crazy maniacs who have terrorism with no purpose as a hobby. But I dont agree with what he says, Pakistan isnt a great neighbour. I would like it be. 62 years of neighbour bashing sport is tiring, boring. But part of their government establishment - i.e the military is linked with some of the terrorist actions. They werent even ready to help us find the people responsible for our nightmarish 7/11. Worst neighbours. I doubt if Shahrukh isnt aware of these.

But it is something that can be discussed in interviews. And if not, that should be dismissed merely as someone's opinion. Every one is allowed to have that.


  1. Not speak his mind? I am not sure about that but I've always considered him to be one of the most articulate speakers in the country. Diss his movies or his PR ethics, he has oodles of charisma.

  2. GW:
    on a serious topic? Never. cant even recall once. yes, he is openly sarcastic esp. compared to the other stars but that is only on topics related to films. The sort of spine he is showing isnt him.

    Charisma, yes - i am put off by his antics these days but yes i was a former fan.

  3. interviews are some of the fakest things..bigger the star bigger the the end i dont give a damn if srk film flops or sena wins or any shit.i just wish one or two celebs mean what they say and act to justify it.i mean all those save tigers and all.what did they actually do?

  4. That man is known for his PR tactics.Charisma or not, I am not a big fan, on screen or off screen.He knows how to play with words and charm, getting things done his way. An excellent skill, if I may say so.

  5. Soin: i do have problems with people using force for disagreements. and i absolutely dont care/expect for them to care about tigers.

    Shoba: Exactly my thoughts. i hate him yet admire the way he is able to hold people.

  6. The difference here is why aren't films or his films serious topics? I don't expect him to comment on other serious topics. Even this serious topic was about his team/business.

    But yeah, I agree with you and shoba. That cliche abt 'can't ignore him' suits this guy more than anyone else.

  7. Oh and he did give a very elaborate interview about identity in the muslim world just after 26/11.

  8. Adi:
    Are you referring to the one with cliched not all muslims are bad? wasnt that a typical Ambassador act?

    So, did you really have a different impression of him - as in you think taking a stand like this isnt unusual at all?

    My impresssion from his interviews have been frivolous talks - talk about family, about love(filled with hall mark card statements), karan johar.

    Most importantly, any sort of question that might have required him to take a stand which might antagonize even a small subset of people, he would gloss it over by probably using humor. This requires a lot of skill - to control/ hide one's real opinion and focus on saying only things that would be acceptable/less controversial - not something i admire but understand the impact and importance of it. he has his focus very clear - that is making money - i dont judge that.

    - even wrt films - the only word i have heard him say is entertainment.

    Unlike say an Aamir khan who has his own approach to things - good or bad - popular or unpopular. or when he tlks about films - clearly explains his intentions, the way he approaches his movies, the process of making it and so on.

    And as much as I love films, they would never qualify on the same league of India-Pakistan relations and range of other topics which eventually impacts the roti kapda makan thingy.

  9. Not necessarily "not all muslims are bad" interview. It was quite elaborate with him explaining the Quran, talking against jehad and stuff like that. It was really really good and must be on youtube somewhere. And though I didn't comment, I don't agree with your 'Ambassador for Pakistan' view. I don't get the logic, frankly.

    Aamir, I believe has great business acumen and is no less when it comes to PR tactics and talking about his movies. And am not saying films are as important as Indo-Pak relations. What am saying is, why should film people, be Aamir or SRK, comment on these things? Why would you value him only when he has strong things to say about such serious topics? Why should film industry mix with politics(like how it has been in the south for so long; for which you can youtube for Ajith's speech from last week in a Karunanidhi event, talking and requesting the politicians not to mix films and politics) or any other field?

  10. it is more of a personal preference.

    In general, I like people to speak their mind - well thought out analyzed opinions - not juevnile name calling. But I do want them to state their opinions. Not gloss it over.

    It isnt that I expect famous people to support downtrodden causes or any particular cause.

    anybody can mix anything they want i.e follow different interests - i dont have an opinion on that.

    My question wasnt along the lines of why didnt he speak before on any of political topics but what made him speak now - i mean i would have expected him to gloss over the question as well by saying there might have been some fear or may be not for getting Pakistani players - his usual style. So it did catch me by surprise when he expanded on it by the great neighbour comment, considering it is him.(the great PR guru).

    Regarding the PAkistan Ambassador, - to say good things about a nation that has done so many wrongs in a convincing manner - i mean what is a nation at the end of the day - its people but more importantly its government - but inspite of all that he sounded quite convincing - India would benefit if some one can do that kind of talking about it.

    There is difference between Aamir and SRK - in the films that they do and I am an aamir fan.

  11. Yeah, am saying he was always capable of comments on such broader topics but only when he is involved in someway or the other. His films. Him being Muslim. His business as an IPL team owner. And I think that's perfectly alright.
    "I am an Aamir fan"

    Don't you think that was established more than convincingly much before?!

    I agree there is a difference in the kind of films they make, but I don't think it's a huge difference. Ghajini, really?! Both of them are capable of giving duds, and they are infinitely more capable of making duds sell like hot cakes. But I see this debate is going some other place, so I'll stop.