Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hush peoples

To all the ones who talk hush hush, I am pretty sure you arent talking about me 99% of the time. And the one time you are talking about me, believe me I would rather take people screaming bad things in front of me rather than hush hushing it out in the corner of a room* or in another cube.

* I once had a friend take out another friend to a room corner talk about blue top versus green top, pray what can be so secretive about it.


  1. specially when you wear some strange new dress or hairstyle..all hush voices will sound like making fun you voices..slitcha

  2. :) they were discussing about a shirt she was going to wear next day!

    Paranoia may be, but mostly i think it reflects more on their culture/ manners also the hush tone is sort of irritant in the same way as the velcro sound.