Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leave the Grey coloured low end Japanese car alone

" Appa says its your fault if you are hit twice within a gap of few months."

Looking at brother now for help at this ridiculous accusation but he takes this opportunity once again to add some mischief by saying it has to be yours, ofcourse, with a glint of smile.

" Even though, in both the cases the other party themselves agreed its their fault?"

" What were you doing when this guy hit you?, you should be little more careful."

" I was driving straight."

" He came from the side and banged me".

" What happened to this car?"


- At this point, even my mom cracks up.

I am glad that in both the cases, they owned up to their mistakes - they had too, it was a open and shut case. Considering three of my friends have not owned up, these guys are gems. But still leave my grey coloured low end Japanese car alone. Yes, it is a compact japanese car amidst the bmws, mercs and what nots. But it has been with me for five years. It has taken as much as it can. So have I.

Worse is the insurance company which makes it sound as if its doing a charity. Next time the all state guy's ad comes, it is going to take a lot of effort to not smash it. They are bullying me so much for money I so deserve, suckahs.

It is yet to be fixed:(

In another world, my name got attached to a paper published in the only journal that I know of. Since I crib so much, it only sounds right to acknowledge the unexpected minute pleasures.

They just turned what we were working on into a paper. Nothing big. And I dont know what is in the paper so cant claim much credit and it only sounds right to read it now that my name also appears pathoda pathi nona(!). Off to do that now. (no congratulations deserved).


  1. Wow two incidents close together...
    Be careful :--) And did you say you live and work in the same zipcode? :--)

    And dont be so modest, congratulations are in order :--) Congrats!!

  2. SK: "Be careful" - but how? probably astrology?:) yeah, yeah same zip code!

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