Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Murugan's sigappu thundu

Murugan was dusting off the chair as fast as he could what with AD yelling and all that. Just then the director called for the shoot. In the whole hurrying up hungama, Murugan left the Red dusting towel on the chair. The shot went smoothly. The director did notice the Red towel during the editing session but he decided to retain since it had come out well.

Years later, Peter borings wrote a whole page about the significance of the red towel in the frame for the film, how it accentuates the fight that the couple were having about the missing bajji in the shot and ties the film up with hindu mythology, greek mythology.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Like Bharathiyaar said, " Nenju porukuthu illiye, entha nilaiketta manitharai ninaithu vittal"

Episode # 1: Almost a year ago, 10-25 people came in a boat from a neighboring country to randomly and also not so randomly shoot people. They also shot the Anti-terror squad chief. One of the questions then was how did the ATS chief die inspite of the bullet proof jacket. As the investigations started, the said jacket went missing. After a year today a hospital worker said "he had mistakenly put the jacket along with non-medical waste bags, which were later sent to the Deonar dumping ground."

That is all the news reports says. It sounds as if this is the end of the quest for missing jacket. Question is, why was the important object esp. from a high profile case lying around carelessly?

Episode #2: David headley is a pakistan-born american citizen who was caught recently by the FBI. As the details of his involvement in the last year's terror attacks unfolds, there were obv. questions about his indian visa. The problem was for couple of weeks, Indian government couldnt produce his visa papers. They said it took them that long to search.
Let me stop right here!

Episode #3 So, a man - a politician to keep himself in news esp. after his party lhad ost most of the seats and just retained 2 decides to fast demanding a separate state. As is the norm for politicians and actors in the country, he was planning a day of fast i.e a symbolic gesture towards the cause. Typically this would have ended with a kid feeding some orange juice at the end of the day. Unfortunately for him, the press wouldnt let go and caught him taking food secretly or some such hoopla and he was forced to continue the fast.

As days proceeded, the central government concerned with his health, decided what is one more state in front of a man's hunger strike and granted the new state.

Except now truly all hell broke loose and the state has been in a standstill position for the past 10 days in protest against the formation of the new state. 150 crores loss per day.

Now, listen carefully because i dont get this part very well, but the central government doesnt do anything. see, one filthy, not so popular politician's health is more important than the well being of a major state. as i said i dont get this. The logic or the lack of logic is of gigantic proportion that other qs like did the central govt really not anticipate this get buried.

In each of these episodes, we get only like tonne of questions. Most of you are already aware of these problems and 100 others equally silly cliched problems we get to read about in the papers and zillions other we are blissfully unaware. I dont believe in saying this is wrong these people are bad. That is fairly obvious. There is no use writing that. We have done that for what fifty years? one needs solutions except i dont have any.

What I want to know is, what does one do in such situations?
Option a) Rent the whole slew of Shankar's vigilante movies mentally imagining themselves to the protaganist and awarding all sorts of punishments from garuda puranam(if you are a guy you will be lucky enough to also sing duet songs with shreya and so on, if you are a girl no such luck as no girl would want to sing duet songs with any of those heroes).

Option b) say i dont like politics with a clueless face and proceed on to talk about how good one would look in the green scarf.

Option C) rest yourself at your favorite place in the world i,e your couch with a comforter hoping no one blows up your building and also the third floor moron doesnt set off the fire alarm again while trying to cook(that would be 3rd time this month).

Are there any other options, dear readers(yes, i am aware i used the plural form)?


I have often heard or read of atheists who became believers after seeing Himalayas or some such beauty, well i am not one of those people. Me, my belief comes from life, people - I am fascinated by the complexities of our emotions, the turns our lives take and so on. Which is why the whole range of visuals in Pandora doesn't strike me as much. The fact that in a movie that was 70% computer generated, I never thought about the computer animation part even for a moment is something that struck me only after leaving the theatres. I got thrilled with hair movement in shrek. And this movie is so much more in terms of animation but it is done so well and blends in that one hardly realizes it. You forget that navi people are all computer generated.

Yet that is not something that excites me as a viewer. We are talking about a whole new life form in a completely different planet and possibilities for every single aspect about them is endless. For God-sake, a sidney sheldon novel once had aliens who would communicate purely through thoughts without a need for words, language. That is just one aspect. Simply transporting the european invasion of americas into an alien world isnt enough. And I think i am fairly justified in expecting so much more.

Some of the elements like a random corporation with a oversimplified greedy motive and agressive military which wants to use force for force sake is quite laughable. But it is James Cameroon. He made us(atleast me) feel for an usual rich girl -poor boy love story and similarly he does make us root for the Navi people which is a great skill - to make us retain the emotional touch in the presence of all this hoopla and a cliche-ridden story which quite a few movies fail to do these days. But even he cant make you hate the military agressor or the evil corporation, heck he cant even make you laugh at them, you just tolerate it due to the rest of the movie.

Yes, there is this bit about the way they sync up with the animals or the way the trees are all supposed to be linked together similar to the synapse that our neurons form but that is just there for the sake of it. ( Remember matrix the whole image as an electrical signal to the brain manipulation, the whole illusion - maya concept, yes Matrix is leaps ahead of avatar in terms of script).

Similarly the whole save nature concept. It is there because you cant just spend 300 million dollars and not have some high brow concept. Having things for the sake of it is so blah - it is even getting tiring to say this.

Ps1: as some one from the group I went with mentioned when technology has improved so much why the hell do we still have to wear this sloping glasses? gave me a headache and made my eyes watery. On top of this, when outside temp in single digits the theatre was like a oven. I understood what cookies go through that day except cookies don't have feelings and I do. so:(

Ps2: Every guy in the group wondered why wasnt the mating ritual done through the neurons as well. Dont know why the James Cameroon guy thought differently!

Ps3: there was a trailer of movie with Cameron diaz and Tom cruise. Movie surely looks blah but the thought of these two beautiful people coming together excites me. like Ash and hrithik - not a big fan of either, neither do i like their acting but to see them together thrills me. i might even drag my posterior to the theatres drooling for this movie:)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ada, namma...

So, did you know who was on the hoarding at the junction of santana row and valley fair? namma Ash i.e Aishwarya endorsing the longines watch. felt nice.

Today was some chef competition cum potluck at work. Tomorrow, there is a breakfast party and next week there is a lunch party. I guess one should be happy about Jesus's birth.

Tomorrow might also turn out to be blue man's day for me. not too excited about that.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I want million dollars

So, I will fast. Please to note, my religion is hinduism and fasting will be done accordingly( a full meal in the afternoon, fruits and a tiffin in night - what? yes, if that fasting is ok for God, it is ok for the "The pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum" i.e the politicians).

So, congress, with its usual backboneless atitude(how do they maintain it btw, i mean people change but these irresponsible decisions continue, some strong culture they have) has agreed to create a separate state called Telangana. Creating a separate state is not my problem. But the way it was decided is.

If it was done out of some sort of voting by the people on this regard then I would understand. I didnt know one could just fast. get admitted into the hospital with the best of the medical care, agree to the IV drips and then get a state for themselves. That is pure rowdyism.

Everyone of us should fast, I say. dont we all have demands?

the full bottle of nyquill

bought at the fag end of flu couple of years ago had bothered her. Full bottle, pretty much unused. Finally, two spoons consumed few days ago by her brother(#2). Now by her for the past two days.With the expiry date somewhere in next year, one can say it came pretty close.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life is beautiful - 1

I just came back from a party where quite a few fathers went on to tend on to kids not of their own as if they would do to theirs. Almost as if they are used to being the father of little daughters that it didnt matter whose kid it was. You could say it could be because the fathers are college buddies. You know, long relationship. Or may be one of them first had a kid, I suppose I dont have to explain how special that must have been and when rest followed suit the older parents would have reciprocated and so on. It was beautiful when they all got together and cared like that. And especially when fathers cared as much for their kids/daughters.

Probably it touched a chord, because it is the way it should be. It wasnt what I saw from much older cousins/other relatives to other younger children while I was growing up. there was a bit of jealousy, competitiveness and uneven treatment.

When I came back from my errand, the little girls had started their own party. They apparently had asked if they could use the sweets on display for their party. They decided it is a birthday party for A not because A's birthday is anywhere close but because A was the youngest. Beat the logic, now people.

Five of us stood there 2 women and 3 men across age groups just enjoying their whole dialogue. When my brother went on to serve water, one kid who is extremely reserved and just stared at him for a good minute. Like you there, you talking to me? Like TALKING TO ME and still looked cute!

I dont think one ever needs to direct a movie with children. They just have to videotape these round table conferences. Some one once witnessed uncle's grandchildren(long story short - my mom and her eldest sibling have a 22 yr age gap) have this sort of round table conference. One vandu apparently said, "Did you know L atha(that would be my mom) is our grandpa's sister?". The other kid, " I thought she was grandpa's friend".(that's how they were explained). Other kids went on to add in their bits.

I was playing with a close friend's almost five month baby. just pulling away the toy and observing how aggressively he tried grabbing it very time almost understanding the game I suppose, finding it more a fascinating exercise when the friend butted in and say give the toy to him- unable to bear the little baby being denied the toy. Difference between a mother and a mere guest:)

I love this life. The one with marriage, family, kids and so on. It is something I have always dreamt of. So I stand back and savour it sometimes like I did today. But part of me also looks at monotonous aspect of life. Yes, not all of them are like that. I have a friend who isnt like that . She completed a half marathan with a 1 year old kid at home and her partner in part-time B-school. But she was also the one who as soon as she was back from office would head to the kitchen, don the apron and cook a simple meal. She wouldnt spend more than 45 minutes there. I wanted to do that except I have missed it for the past 5*365 days!

But most of them dont. That is part of the reason why unofficial conversations at work tend to get boring.

For the first two years of my life in this place, a bunch of us got together played badminton, throw ball, tried my hand at tennis, put put golf, bowling, Hiked places I dont even remember now, made road trips, tried all the eateries and so on. Next couple of years, with a much smaller and closer group, we tried fine dining, movies, carnatic concerts... accompanied with endless reading albeit on the net but on topics of interest. this is fascinating fulfilling.

No, this isnt a debate(my vote is for the family) it just a record of piece of threads running in my head.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movie dialogue quiz #3 - testing your peter and maryness

As usual identify the movies from the dialogue below.
1. "The pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum."
- comes to rescue in channeling my angst

2. "This is an honorable proposal of marriage at what I consider a most opportune moment. I cant go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands."
- the bolded part is why it registered in my head. I could have given the other dialogue, probably the most famous dialogue of all times but that would just be too easy. such wit is almost impossible to find in the newer films.

3. "These fish have manners! They have manners. Infact, they are coming with me."
- the man again. I remember standing in the ticket line for this movie with L fantasizing that the man would come out shirtless. Apart from the four of us, there were only two more at Devi that day and they were mighty disappointed.

4."I know, I know. We are Your chosen people. But, once in a while, can't You choose someone else?"
- I watched the movie recently with some disinterest due to my disdain for most English musicals and realized why its a classic.

5. "You cant handle the truth"
- easy peasy jappansy, no? My all-time favorite movie with lead man however crazy he is now was so worth all the jollu in the world.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aviyal stuff

From Byte world
The indie blogger award nominations are out and I find exactly two categories with blogs of interest but with quite a few choices to vote in. Who decided that we need to have a monogamous relationship with blogsites? Here I thought only three relationships in the world required monogamy. Also entertainment and humor are the only two categories that my fav. blogs come under. Unfair judgement on my choices me thinks:)

From Filmi World
P&P - the ladies from high heel confidential suspect Katrina Kaif was in "one of her ‘In Character’ appearances". tch.. tch.. such wild allegations, considering katrina is never 'In Character' in the movies what are the chances off the movies?

From Rahul Gandhi's world(umm.. that is a separate universe)
This blog will never run out of topic as long as Rahul Gandhi is in politics. There they go, the journalists asking out of syllabus questions again. Looks like neither of them are going to learn anything.
Have decided to be happy!