Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life is beautiful - 1

I just came back from a party where quite a few fathers went on to tend on to kids not of their own as if they would do to theirs. Almost as if they are used to being the father of little daughters that it didnt matter whose kid it was. You could say it could be because the fathers are college buddies. You know, long relationship. Or may be one of them first had a kid, I suppose I dont have to explain how special that must have been and when rest followed suit the older parents would have reciprocated and so on. It was beautiful when they all got together and cared like that. And especially when fathers cared as much for their kids/daughters.

Probably it touched a chord, because it is the way it should be. It wasnt what I saw from much older cousins/other relatives to other younger children while I was growing up. there was a bit of jealousy, competitiveness and uneven treatment.

When I came back from my errand, the little girls had started their own party. They apparently had asked if they could use the sweets on display for their party. They decided it is a birthday party for A not because A's birthday is anywhere close but because A was the youngest. Beat the logic, now people.

Five of us stood there 2 women and 3 men across age groups just enjoying their whole dialogue. When my brother went on to serve water, one kid who is extremely reserved and just stared at him for a good minute. Like you there, you talking to me? Like TALKING TO ME and still looked cute!

I dont think one ever needs to direct a movie with children. They just have to videotape these round table conferences. Some one once witnessed uncle's grandchildren(long story short - my mom and her eldest sibling have a 22 yr age gap) have this sort of round table conference. One vandu apparently said, "Did you know L atha(that would be my mom) is our grandpa's sister?". The other kid, " I thought she was grandpa's friend".(that's how they were explained). Other kids went on to add in their bits.

I was playing with a close friend's almost five month baby. just pulling away the toy and observing how aggressively he tried grabbing it very time almost understanding the game I suppose, finding it more a fascinating exercise when the friend butted in and say give the toy to him- unable to bear the little baby being denied the toy. Difference between a mother and a mere guest:)

I love this life. The one with marriage, family, kids and so on. It is something I have always dreamt of. So I stand back and savour it sometimes like I did today. But part of me also looks at monotonous aspect of life. Yes, not all of them are like that. I have a friend who isnt like that . She completed a half marathan with a 1 year old kid at home and her partner in part-time B-school. But she was also the one who as soon as she was back from office would head to the kitchen, don the apron and cook a simple meal. She wouldnt spend more than 45 minutes there. I wanted to do that except I have missed it for the past 5*365 days!

But most of them dont. That is part of the reason why unofficial conversations at work tend to get boring.

For the first two years of my life in this place, a bunch of us got together played badminton, throw ball, tried my hand at tennis, put put golf, bowling, Hiked places I dont even remember now, made road trips, tried all the eateries and so on. Next couple of years, with a much smaller and closer group, we tried fine dining, movies, carnatic concerts... accompanied with endless reading albeit on the net but on topics of interest. this is fascinating fulfilling.

No, this isnt a debate(my vote is for the family) it just a record of piece of threads running in my head.


  1. What a superb blog! Don't know how I missed it. Following you from now on!


  2. Hey
    Dont worry about not getting into the kitchen in the evening. I used to be like that, not cook regularly, but once you get married, once you get kids, it will come automatically..slowly but surely. ;--)
    I have surprised myself by cooking regularly, and wanting to cook, except on some bad hair days which everyone is allowed to have.

    Reg, family and single life, everything has its own time, they are the stages of life,

    Anyway, cute post on the kids and the fathers. :--)

  3. Loved this post. Was like taking a peek into your mind.

  4. :) Was laughing about the bit about your friend butting in to give the toy to child.

  5. Narendra Shenoy: Ha a visit from a celebrity of the blogosphere..thx.

    SK: it wasnt abt cooking in specific, more abt how organized she was so it isnt as surprising when she is able to get as much out of her life..

    Laksh: :)

    Sraikh: i thot it was cute. she was so caring.