Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Like Bharathiyaar said, " Nenju porukuthu illiye, entha nilaiketta manitharai ninaithu vittal"

Episode # 1: Almost a year ago, 10-25 people came in a boat from a neighboring country to randomly and also not so randomly shoot people. They also shot the Anti-terror squad chief. One of the questions then was how did the ATS chief die inspite of the bullet proof jacket. As the investigations started, the said jacket went missing. After a year today a hospital worker said "he had mistakenly put the jacket along with non-medical waste bags, which were later sent to the Deonar dumping ground."

That is all the news reports says. It sounds as if this is the end of the quest for missing jacket. Question is, why was the important object esp. from a high profile case lying around carelessly?

Episode #2: David headley is a pakistan-born american citizen who was caught recently by the FBI. As the details of his involvement in the last year's terror attacks unfolds, there were obv. questions about his indian visa. The problem was for couple of weeks, Indian government couldnt produce his visa papers. They said it took them that long to search.
Let me stop right here!

Episode #3 So, a man - a politician to keep himself in news esp. after his party lhad ost most of the seats and just retained 2 decides to fast demanding a separate state. As is the norm for politicians and actors in the country, he was planning a day of fast i.e a symbolic gesture towards the cause. Typically this would have ended with a kid feeding some orange juice at the end of the day. Unfortunately for him, the press wouldnt let go and caught him taking food secretly or some such hoopla and he was forced to continue the fast.

As days proceeded, the central government concerned with his health, decided what is one more state in front of a man's hunger strike and granted the new state.

Except now truly all hell broke loose and the state has been in a standstill position for the past 10 days in protest against the formation of the new state. 150 crores loss per day.

Now, listen carefully because i dont get this part very well, but the central government doesnt do anything. see, one filthy, not so popular politician's health is more important than the well being of a major state. as i said i dont get this. The logic or the lack of logic is of gigantic proportion that other qs like did the central govt really not anticipate this get buried.

In each of these episodes, we get only like tonne of questions. Most of you are already aware of these problems and 100 others equally silly cliched problems we get to read about in the papers and zillions other we are blissfully unaware. I dont believe in saying this is wrong these people are bad. That is fairly obvious. There is no use writing that. We have done that for what fifty years? one needs solutions except i dont have any.

What I want to know is, what does one do in such situations?
Option a) Rent the whole slew of Shankar's vigilante movies mentally imagining themselves to the protaganist and awarding all sorts of punishments from garuda puranam(if you are a guy you will be lucky enough to also sing duet songs with shreya and so on, if you are a girl no such luck as no girl would want to sing duet songs with any of those heroes).

Option b) say i dont like politics with a clueless face and proceed on to talk about how good one would look in the green scarf.

Option C) rest yourself at your favorite place in the world i,e your couch with a comforter hoping no one blows up your building and also the third floor moron doesnt set off the fire alarm again while trying to cook(that would be 3rd time this month).

Are there any other options, dear readers(yes, i am aware i used the plural form)?


  1. Don't be so inquisitive....Curiosity kills the cat....Govt hamaare bhale ke liye hi sab karta hai

  2. :) this post must be the biggest moo point